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The Best Reddit Chrome Extensions

The Best Reddit Chrome Extensions

Oh Reddit, how we love thee. Time sink, front page of the internet, repository of all sorts of useful and useless information, time-saving tips, time-wasting pages and fertile canvas for every aspect of human culture. I recently discovered some Chrome extensions that elevated the Reddit experience to a new level and I thought I would share them here.

I spend hours a week on Reddit. Some of it researching and learning and some of it wasted laughing at jokes or videos or just at the sheer stupidity of people. Whatever Reddit does for you, it tends to do it well. If you’re a Chrome user, there are a few extensions out there that can make your Reddit experience even better. Here are a few of them.

The Reddit Enhancement Suite

I must admit to being something of a latecomer to the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). The single extension packs a lot of punch. It enables you to manage multiple logins, infinitely scroll without having to hit next all the time, offers faster access to account settings and a simple way to subscribe to conversations. There are also filters for posts, spam, tags for usernames, content management options and so much more.

For a free extension, the Reddit Enhancement Suite packs quite the punch. It is also available for other browsers too.

Reditr Client App

The Reditr Client App changes the way Reddit looks and feels for the better. It takes the usual page layout and changes it completely to column views. If you have ever used TweetDeck, the look is very similar. It makes it easy to browser different categories, follow different conversations and some added features too. Like RES, the Reditr Client App also has an account switcher with RES integration. It also has a chat client, gallery mode for picture posts and different themes.

The Reditr Client App is another Chrome extension for Reddit that punches way above its weight. I was so mad that it took me so long to find this one!

SHINE for Reddit

SHINE for Reddit is another Reddit extension for Chrome that changes the way it looks and feels. While I personally prefer the Reditr Client App, SHINE for Reddit also deserves to be mentioned because of the simple design and usability benefits it brings. It allows you to switch between grid view and list view, change the sidebars and other features. It also integrates into RES.

The downside is that while many core features are free, there is a ‘donation’ required to access all of the features. If the Reditr Client App doesn’t do it for you and you don’t mind a little outlay, SHINE for Reddit could be what you’re looking for.


Threaddit takes the best part of Reddit and makes it more. As the name suggests, it changes the comment threads so they are within a single comment. This makes it so much easier to follow comments, especially the more popular posts whose comments run into dozens of the hundreds. Following a single conversation in a single threat is a work of genius and makes using Reddit so much easier.

The extension is small and doesn’t cause much overhead either which is always good to know.


If Threaddit doesn’t hit the spot for you, try Readr. It is a similar premise that takes the poor default comment handling of Reddit and makes it good. It makes reading posts and comments easier by creating a reading pane that can be configured to your tastes. You can choose different font types, night or day mode and change the layout to a style that is much easier to live with.

I like Threaddit but Readr is also a very viable extension to use. If you don’t like one, you will likely appreciate the other.


As well as a very cool name, AlienTube offers some decent features too. The first and best feature is if the video has been shared on Reddit, the usual dumb comments on YouTube itself are swapped for the marginally more intelligent comments from Reddit. It effortlessly combines the two platforms and replaces the worst of one with the best of the other.

The catch is that the video has to have been shared on Reddit for it to work. If you bother reading the comments on YouTube, you will certainly appreciate the ability to swap them out!

See It!

See It! is definitely a Chrome extension that make Reddit even better. Hover over a link and a small preview window will appear within the page so you can see what the page contains without loading it into another tab and wasting time on pointless posts. If you’re not interested, hit Escape to close the preview and move on.

The See It! Chrome extension is simple but very effective and will literally save hours or time by avoiding pointless or uninteresting posts.

Open NSFW Reddit Links in Incognito Tab

Open NSFW Reddit Links in Incognito Tab is a long winded but very descriptive Chrome extension. It does exactly what it says on the tin. If a Reddit post is labeled as NSFW, this extensions will automatically open it in an Incognito Tab to safe leaving a trace or activating an alert at school or work.

I cannot personally guarantee its effectiveness but being able to surf NSFW content without having to worry too much about being caught out.

reddit platinum

reddit platinum is a neat extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to the Reddit experience. While mouse and keyboard are all very well, the ability to quickly navigate using keys is something we could all benefit from. This Chrome extension for Reddit does just that. It adds a number of keyboard shortcuts that control everything from scrolling to navigating comments, skipping to the final or back to the first comment and many more besides.

It is a very useful extension that quickly becomes second nature and makes using Reddit faster and easier.

Those are some of my favorite Chrome extensions that make Reddit better. Each does things a little different but upgrades the entire experience in different ways. Do you have any to suggest? Tell us about them below if you do!

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