How to Remove Ads on Echo Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve definitely heard of Amazon Echo. It’s a smart home app that you use to communicate with connected smart devices. Amazon Echo Show is an upgraded feature that is, in essence, Amazon Echo, but with a decent-sized screen. Of course, this video and touch function comes additional to all the functionalities that we’re used to seeing on Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo Show may be more expensive than your regular Echo, but the added capabilities are definitely worth the price tag.


The first awesome thing that Amazon did with Echo Show is put the speakers on the back. This means that most of the Echo Show device is, well, the screen. Not only does this look great, but it makes the device more compact and easier to fit anywhere.

The device has a DC power port and a microUSB port, with volume controls and a privacy button on the back. Four of the eight mics are placed in the upper front side of Echo Show, as is the camera device.

Essentially, it looks like a thicker tablet device. The screen is large enough to ensure maximum visual and ergonomic comfort. The screen features adaptive brightness, 1,280 x 800 resolution, white balance/contrast settings, and many other great features.

remove ads on echo show


So, the touchscreen option means that there’s no need for Alexa, right? Wrong. Like any other Amazon device, Echo Show relies on Alexa for the most part. Voice is still the primary means of communication with Echo Show and the screen is just an added bonus.

The whole setup process is as simple as it gets, with Alexa taking care of all the heavy lifting, while you’re left comfortably pronouncing words and doing what Alexa tells you to do.

Echo Show adds a very important series of Amazon devices to the table. Given its screen accessibility, you can now pair the new Echo device with Amazon camera devices, smart doorbells, etc. Again, the touchscreen is responsible for the heftier price tag, but it’s definitely well-worth the outlay. The screen for an Amazon Echo device was the only thing that was missing.


You’ll be happy to know that there are no ads on Echo Show devices. And it’s a good thing, as ads showing up when the device isn’t being used would be incredibly frustrating. Instead, when you aren’t interacting with the device, Echo Show cycles through trending stories. Stories are essentially pictures with captions, which may be something that you’ll like.

echo show

However, for some people, these things are almost as annoying as ads, so they’ll want to disable them. Naturally, this can easily be done from the settings screen. However, the same screen can be used to enable more home screen content than may actually be to your liking. For instance, you can set sports schedules/scores, upcoming events, Alexa skills notifications, and much, much more. When it comes to adjustability, Echo Show is probably the most tweakable device from Amazon.

Still, despite the fact that the touchscreen performs amazingly, it’s clear that Amazon has intended the Echo Show device to be ‘Echo’ first and ‘Show second’. This is why the list of Alexa’s skills isn’t accessible by touch. This may seem frustrating, but Amazon has carefully considered which features don’t require a touch alternative.

On the other hand, the Echo Show device does come equipped with a web browser, which is a very cool addition, indeed. You can either choose Firefox or Amazon’s Silk and, yes, you can use the virtual keyboard and the voice for searching stuff.


Thanks to the decent screen size, YouTube finally makes sense on an Amazon device. That being said, you can’t directly voice-search on YouTube, you have to use the browser. This isn’t Amazon’s fault, though. However, direct voice search is available for Vevo music. On the other hand, Netflix is inaccessible in this respect, so that’s a bummer.

Amazon Echo Show

All in all, Amazon Echo Show is a brilliant innovation of a device, especially compared to the regular Echo unit. Yes, the price tag is quite hefty, but when you take into account how responsive and generally well-thought-out the screen is, you won’t really be sorry for investing more.

Have you tried Amazon Echo Show? How do you think it compares to Amazon Echo? Are you planning to buy one? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments section below and don’t refrain from asking any questions or adding any tips you may have.

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