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How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On OnePlus 5

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On OnePlus 5

New owners of the OnePlus 5 that transferred their SIM card with the contacts to the new phone might be seeing duplicate contacts on their OnePlus 5. But there is no need to be upset because it is very easy to delete duplicate contacts on OnePlus 5. The whole process of cleaning up your contacts to remove the duplicates will only take a few seconds and I’m sure you will be glad to know that you do not need to buy an app to clean up your contacts. Follow the instructions below to learn how you can easily clean up your contacts by yourself.

The reason why you are seeing duplicate contacts on your OnePlus 5 is because you have logged in more than one email account on your phone, and all the contacts are automatically saved on your phone which will result in having duplicates of each contact. But instead of manually deleting each duplicate which will be stressful and time consuming, you can just keep one copy of the contact in your in your work email address book and the other copy in your personal email address book.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts

The good news is that you do not need to bother yourself looking for a computer to locate, link and delete contacts from your OnePlus 5. If your contact list is really not looking good, you can fix it by using our Gmail app. Follow the tips below to know how you can remove duplicate contacts from your OnePlus 5:

  1. Switch on your device
  2. Locate the contacts app
  3. Search for the contacts that you wish to link together
  4. Click on the first contact to link
  5. Find the option that says Connected via. Click on the icon
  6. You can now click on Link another Contact
  7. Click on the contacts you want to merge and click on back

Clean Up OnePlus 5 Contacts Faster

In addition, the OnePlus 5 comes with a cleanup program that you can easily use to remove duplicates from your OnePlus 5. Follow the steps below to understand how you can locate, merge and link up contacts.

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 5
  2. Locate the Contacts app
  3. Click on the three menu icon placed in the upper area of your screen
  4. Click on Link Contacts

After selecting Link Contacts, a list will appear that you can use to search for contacts either by name, phone number or email address to locate the duplicate contacts. You can now click on the contacts to merge them. Click on Done and the duplicate will be removed from the contact list on your OnePlus 5.

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Dec 19, 2017

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