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How to Remove Recent Contacts from the iOS 8 App Switcher

How to Remove Recent Contacts from the iOS 8 App Switcher

iOS 8 now lets you access Favorite or Recent contacts directly from the app switcher screen. This can be a helpful feature for quickly calling or responding to your friends and family members, but some users prefer to keep their recent contacts hidden. Here’s how to hide or remove recent contacts and favorites from the iOS 8 app switcher.

Once you’ve completed the upgrade to iOS 8, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Scroll down until you see the Contacts section and tap on Show In App Switcher. Here you’ll see the options for displaying contacts in the app switcher screen: your iPhone favorites, your recent contacts, or both. Note that if you enable both favorites and recent contacts, your favorites will be displayed first, and you’ll have to scroll to the right to see your recent contacts.

If you don’t want anything to show up at the top of the iOS 8 app switcher, turn both options to off. You can now exit out of Settings and double-tap the home button to launch the app switcher. The space where your favorite and recent contacts previously resided will now be empty. Unfortunately, Apple currently doesn’t scale up the multitasking interface if you disable favorite and recent contacts, so you’ll just be left with a slightly awkward blank space.

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If you ever want to turn favorite or recent contacts in the iOS 8 app switcher back on, just hop back to the above-mentioned location in Settings and slide the desired option (or both) to the on position.

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Uğur Doğan says:
Only closing? :)
İdiotic mind :)
Jared Croix Ledesma says:
how about turning off recent contacts in the messaging app?
Ifti Xabir says:
Awesome..thaks a lot
BakwanGoreng says:
u da real MVP thank you
jazzybeat says:
My gir friend was asking if I could remove my ex from appearing in app switch mode. The iPad was new outof the box. The setup process was dificult and long. I like most of the features but in some areas apple is keep making more mistake in providing options and features that are not usefull at all and unecessary.
marcoselmalo says:
Thanks for this tip. I hardly use FaceTime, and I had two dead relatives in my most recent contacts, which was BS.
MA Gamez says:
Or, Instead of leaving your contacts plain like apple provides, you can also customize the contacts to your preference, change the circular color, font, letters, etc. for your contacts, make them match your wallpaper. This is how:
For more info:
PhilipC. says:
Awesome, glad to know there is away to turn this all off!!! Thanks for the post.

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