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Keep Your Workspace Tidy With the Best Cable Concealers

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Keep Your Workspace Tidy With the Best Cable Concealers

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Cable Concealers Buying Guide

Nothing looks uglier on the walls of a modern home than unsightly cables. It’d be nice if everything was wireless, or if every cable was hidden behind the wall. That is far from reality, especially due to the ever-evolving world of smart home devices. Many of these new devices require multiple connections in order to work. If you’re tired of seeing cables dangling in front of your walls, or you are planning to purchase some new devices soon, invest in the top cable concealers of 2023. These concealers bunch all of the cables in one place and hide them inside a clean container. When used properly, cable concealers should make your home look significantly tidier. If you’re unsure about which one to buy, we have several top-tier cable concealer recommendations for you. Take a look.

Free-hanging cables are a fact of life that no one can deny. Your house can have the most sophisticated and accessible in-wall cable routing, and you’ll still see random floating cables all over the place.  Luckily, cable concealers are a perfect solution for this unavoidable issue. They’re super easy to install, fit right in with most modern homes, and work like a charm. Most of them are also installed with adhesives, so you can remove them without leaving any marks on your walls. The only thing standing between you and near-perfect cable management is purchasing the right, high-quality cable concealers. Here are some key factors to consider in order to make the right decision. 


The most common material for cable covers is regular old PVC. Some manufacturers will use different designs to disguise the PVC material, but it is often still the same material. That said, not all PVC cable concealers are created equal, and some are noticeably better than others. The only way to tell the difference between high and low-quality PVC in cord covers online is through customer reviews.  Read the low-star reviews and look for complaints about issues like cracking and discoloration. If you see multiple complaints about any of these issues, move on to the next viable option.


The next major consideration is the size of the concealer, both the length and the width. Think about the number and thickness of cables you want to manage and purchase accordingly. If there’s only one cable that needs organizing, a 0.5 inches wide concealer should be more than enough. For two or more cables, a cover that’s at least an inch wide is essential.  The right size can also depend on its location. For example, if you’re buying the concealer for organizing the cables behind a living room TV/entertainment setup, it should be at least 1.5 inches deep because braided HDMI cables can be quite thick.  As for the length of these cable concealers, pre-cut pieces of around 10 inches should be ideal. Measure the exact length of the cable route with a flexible tape measure and choose accordingly. For example, if the cable runs around 54 inches, you should buy at least six 10 inches long channels. Also, make sure that you can easily cut the concealer yourself if you need to. 


White is the safest color choice for cable concealers. It blends well with most baseboards and walls. If you get one that is the same color as your walls, the cover will become almost unnoticeable. These covers are also available in a multitude of other, more vibrant colors. You can try and find one that fits the color of your wall, or you can install these colors as a contrasting accent in the room. If you are routing your cables behind or near furniture, consider getting a color that will go well with the piece of furniture. 


If you can’t find a cable concealer that matches the color of your wall, you will have to paint it yourself. But, not all cord covers are easy to paint. Some plastic materials won’t hold onto paint very well. If it’s important to you to be able to paint your cable concealer, consider this aspect before purchasing. 

Additional Elements

In most cases, a single cable channel is more than enough for your set-up behind your TV and computer. But, there are also cases where you may be looking to route your cable a longer distance. In this case, you will need a cable cover that can conceal your cord for its entire length. If you’re buying a cable concealer for this purpose, look for the ones that come with attachable connectors that go between the channels and make the final routing a bit more streamlined.   

01 D-Line Cable Concealer

This cable concealer from D-line is a great example of an excellent cover. For starters, it is super clean and tidy to look at. If installed properly, most won’t even notice it around your house. The color is subtle and will blend into most white baseboards. The design is sleek and minimal, so you can easily disguise your mess of cables. 

The total size of this concealer is no more than 0.78 inches in width and 0.39 inches in depth. Despite this small stature, it can still hide any cable under 0.31 inches in outer diameter. You can even cut this concealer with scissors so it is the right size, further solidifying its spot as the top option on our list. 


  • Takes only minutes to mount 
  • Works flawlessly with audio and ethernet cables
  • Color matches standard white walls
  • Nearly unnoticeable if mounted properly


  • Difficult to route multiple cables
D-Line Cable Concealer

02 Yecaye Cable Concealer

Organizing the cables in your home with a concealer can sound like a tedious task. Yecaye Cable Concealer is different, as it is very easy to install and forget about. The whole set is already divided into eight cable channels, so you don’t have to worry about handling and cutting one large tube. You also get a bunch of outward, inward, 90-degree, and straight connectors so you can route your cables accurately around the house. 

The fitting between the cable channels and these connectors is also excellent, ensuring a smooth connection, even around corners. The included mounting tape is super adhesive to ensure proper installation.


  • Super easy to install 
  • Nice neutral color
  • The included tape is very strong
  • Supports a wide range of cables


  • Suitable for only one cable
Yecaye Cable Concealer

03 Delamu Cable Concealer

Delamu offers one of the most thorough cable concealer sets on the market. It has everything you’ll need to organize the cables in your home and office. The star of the show here is definitely the main cable channel, featuring an impressive length. The connectors and included extra pieces allow you to route your cable cover in tight corners and behind furniture, so your cords will never be out of place. 

If you need to route several cables in different directions, the included T connectors will be perfect. The included installation kit is very easy to follow and includes everything you need to set up your new cable management system. The best part about this cable concealer set, though, is its high-level construction quality and attention to detail. 


  • Enough length for most homes
  • Will stay intact for a long time
  • Both tape or screw mounting option
  • Fits up three cables at a time


  • A bit difficult to cut
Delamu Cable Concealer

04 ZhiYo Cable Concealer

Modern entertainment centers come with a dedicated sound bar, and there are often power, HDMI, and dedicated audio cables running between them, and these can look ugly. The cable concealers from Zhiyo are pre-cut into the ideal length for this job. This cable concealer is designed with multiple TV wires in mind, so you can easily route all of your connections. Plus, the rounded and slightly indented design on the top of this concealer makes it look like a piece of decoration, rather than an obvious cable channel.

If the size of these pre-cut sections is still not right, you can easily cut them yourself with any basic hacksaw. Adding or removing cables from this concealer is a piece of cake as well, thanks to its innovative snap-on design. 


  • Strong adhesive for a long-lasting installation
  • Pre-cut into the perfect length
  • Can route multiple cables
  • Can be painted with ease


  • A bit on the thicker side
ZhiYo Cable Concealer

05 Echogear Cable Concealer

The in-wall cable concealer from Echogear utilizes the wiring conduits already present in your home for a super clean and mess-free look. The product utilizes your existing electrical outlets to route your cables where they need to go, so you truly won’t see a cable again.

The biggest benefit of installing this over regular cable channel concealers is that this is completely unobtrusive and great for preserving the natural look of your home. Understanding how to route cables through your wall can be a challenge. The clean final look makes it all worth the effort. The channel allows for several thick cables to be routed through it at once, so it is perfect for gaming consoles. 


  • Super clean, in-wall look
  • Can hide a large number of cables
  • Works with existing cable routing setups
  • Provides safe and reliable power


  • Takes quite a long time for installation 
Echogear Cable Concealer

People Also Asked

Are cable routers the right choice for my power cables?

Yes, in most spaces, these cable concealers will improve the look of your home. They can conceal unsightly cords and disguise the mess that can come with having multiple devices in one spot.

How do I mount a cable concealer?

The two common methods of installing cable concealers are double-sided tape and screws with anchors. You will need to consult the instructions for your specific cable cover to determine the correct method of attachment.

Can I put cable concealers on the ceiling?

Yes, you should use cable concealers wherever necessary. This includes the ceiling as well. If you are having difficulty mounting your cables on the ceiling, consider mounting them near the top of the wall for a similar effect.

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