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Upgrade Your Workspace With the Best Office Chair Wheels

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Upgrade Your Workspace With the Best Office Chair Wheels

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Choosing the Perfect Office Chair Wheel: A Buyer’s Guide

Many office chairs come with terrible casters out of the box, even some otherwise quality products. They do get the job of rolling fine on hard, clean floors done though. The issues start when you put that same chair on the carpet, which many office spaces do. Low-quality casters get stuck on carpet threads and also get hair and dirt inside their bearings. You might be able to put up with them for a few months, but they’ll get useless after that. Luckily, you can solve this issue before it even starts by swapping out your casters with some of the top office chair wheels for 2023. These wheels can breathe new life into old, worn-down chairs with decrepit casters.

Upgrading your old casters to new office chair wheels will make a bigger difference than you might think. You don’t remember the joy of gliding across the office until you get it back, and then it becomes your favorite way of getting around. The only thing that can spoil this experience is buying low-quality wheels that are just as bad as the ones you’re replacing. So, how can you find high-quality office chair wheels that fit your needs? Let’s find out.

Casters vs. Wheels

The first decision you have to make is between casters and wheels. Now, you might think that casters are terrible in general, but that’s not the case. It’s pairing built-in, low-quality casters with carpet that makes them seem awful. High-quality casters, on the other hand, are one of the best options in the market.  The biggest benefit of using casters is their stability and control. They do not move anywhere until you want them to. Aftermarket casters are also the same size as default office chair casters, so your specific height settings won’t get altered. That said, do not use casters if your chair is on carpet, they will just snag on the carpeting and make a mess.  Using wheels will make your chair capable of gliding on almost any surface, from carpet to hardwood, and even over rubber dividers. Their steel frame, combined with a slightly soft rubber rim, makes them both rigid and flexible. Their slim width is also excellent for quick turns and spontaneous movement. The only downside of using wheels is that they are an inch or two taller than default casters, so you will have to recalculate your ergonomic chair setup. 

Essentials Factors To Consider

Keep these factors in mind when looking for office chair wheels, especially if you want to find high-quality products. 

Framing material 

The ideal frame material for quality office chair wheels is steel, nothing else even comes close. Steel is super strong and works well with rubber rims that form the wheel. Steel is also extra resistant to rust and wear, so the wheels will function for a long time. You can also find some alternatives like strong fiber plastics that claim to be just as strong and only lighter. Only the lightweight part of this statement is true generally, and even that doesn’t matter much. This is because a wheel’s weight is negligible compared to the rest of the chair you’re sitting in. 

Bearing type

Just like with the frame, the only correct answer here is stainless-steel bearings. They hold up great over the years thanks to their lower friction and excellent rust resistance. That said, there are different quality tiers for stainless-steel bearings, and you need the higher-end ones. A great way of looking for this is by reading some negative customer reviews. If you see too many complaints about the bearings scratching and getting stuck, move on to the next option.

Stem fit 

The stem is the part of office chair wheels that connects them to the chair, and you need wheels with universal compatibility. A stem that’s ⅞ inches high and 7/16 inches across fits in 95 to 98% of office chairs in the U.S. The only exception might be expensive boutique chairs with custom connectors on the bottom.

01 Lifelong Office Chair Wheels Replacement

These office chair wheels from Lifelong are the perfect example of what third-party wheels can bring to the table. For starters, the five wheels in this pack are compatible with 98% of office chairs on the market, so you can be confident about the fit. These 3-inch wide rubber wheels can glide smoothly over hardwood, ceramic, and even carpet. Their slender shape and large radius helps make sure they don’t get stuck on things like dropped pens. Combine this performance with a toolless 15-minute assembly, and it’s no wonder why we picked this option as the best overall on this list.


  • Stainless-steel core for long-lasting strength
  • Slightly soft edges help with smaller bumps
  • Can roll perfectly on thicker carpet
  • Doesn’t gather hair around its bearings


  • Makes chairs a bit taller
Lifelong Office Chair Wheels Replacement

02 The Office Oasis Chair Wheels

As the name suggests, the design of this option from The Office Oasis is inspired by rollerblades, and it is easy to see the benefits. Once installed properly, there is almost nothing on an office floor that can slow down, let alone stop these wheels. You can glide across your office from one side to the other with a single push, and you’ll still have full control over the chair’s movement. One fantastic aspect of these wheels is their super-smooth swivel that makes changing directions as easy as it gets.


  • Strong, durable, and long-lasting steel axle 
  • Rubber rims won't scratch floors
  • Gives great control over movement
  • Nearly universal fit


  • Might take a few days to smooth out
The Office Oasis Chair Wheels

03 Atomdoc Office Chair Caster Wheels

Stability is the biggest benefit of using a caster under your chair instead of wheels, and Atomdoc takes this concept to 11. Their revolutionary office chair casters are ultra high-quality and eliminate most caster issues. For example, casters are known for getting stuck and making a lot of noise. This manufacturer solves this problem by making their rubber casters super thick and fixing them on stainless-steel ball bearings, so there’s very little friction. Adding these to your chair and moving around feels stable and secure. Plus, you’re always in full control of the chair’s movement.


  • Very quiet rolling on harder floors
  • Works fine on carpeting
  • Sleek, black and gray design 
  • Doesn’t increase chair height


  • A bit sticky on ceramic floors
Atomdoc Office Chair Caster Wheels

04 Clever Productions Office Chair Wheels

The Clever Productions Office Chair Wheels are the epitome of “buy once, use forever”. This rubber and steel option is built like a tank and can handle years of use and abuse without showing much wear. You can put a maximum of 500 pounds on them, and they’ll still roll smoothly. The most impressive part about this product is the bearings that keep going smoothly through almost anything. They are also super precise and can move small distances without issues. These wheels are also compatible with 95% of office chairs out today — making them a great and convenient choice.


  • Supports up to 500 pounds 
  • Super-durable, long-lasting bearings roll smoothly 
  • Doesn’t cause chair wobbling 
  • Very precise control


  • Noisy on hardwood floors
Clever Productions Office Chair Wheels

05 Brightfield Caster Wheels

These office chair wheels from BF Brightfield are accessible to almost everyone, thanks to their crazy good value. The main factor behind this is their price, which is nearly half of similar wheels on the market. The other key reason behind this option’s value is the overall quality, smoothness, and stability. You can install this product on almost any office chair too, and no one should be able to tell that they cost half as much. Their steel frame is also absurdly strong, with a total weight limit of 650 pounds.


  • Great value for the money
  • Glides smoothly across all floor types
  • Takes minutes to install without tools
  • Won’t scratch almost any type of flooring


  • The swivel bearings make a slight grinding noise
Brightfield Caster Wheels

People Also Asked

How do I fix my screeching office chair wheel?

You can try greasing up the bearings in every wheel and see if that helps. If the grease didn’t eliminate the noise completely, it’s most likely time to upgrade your office chair wheels.

Are wooden office chair wheels any good?

No, wooden office chair wheels are not a good product to invest in. They will scratch floors, make horrible noises when rolling, and fall apart sooner than rubber versions.

Should my office chair wheels have brakes?

No, they should not. Brakes are usually needed for wheels and casters under things like tables, trollies, kids’ chairs, and shopping carts. Also, quality wheels won’t just start rolling out of nowhere on a flat surface, so you don’t need brakes for your chair’s wheels. The only situation where brakes would be useful is if your sitting area is on a slight incline and you’re tired of making constant manual adjustments.

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