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The Best HDMI Extenders for High-Quality Streaming

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The Best HDMI Extenders for High-Quality Streaming

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Buying Guide: HDMI Extenders

Typical HDMI cables have a restricted coverage area for signal transmission, which means you won’t be able to use them to watch content on a screen in another room. A clutter of cords connected in multiple ports used to be the only solution to this problem, but not anymore — the introduction of the HDMI extender has changed everything. This device can send HD video and audio signals over larger distances, splitting signals and sending them over an equal range to two or more cables. You can conveniently connect them to devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, TVs, and more to ensure every device receives a high-quality transmission. We’ve reviewed the leading HDMI extenders of 2023 so that you can enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality streaming, and we’ve also included a buying guide and an FAQ section to help you purchase a high-quality device.

HDMI extenders can be a great way to enjoy your entertainment just the way you want to. These devices are far from simple, though, which can make shopping for them a bit tricky, even for the most tech-savvy people out there. We have good news, though — by following the buying guide below, you can find a high-quality HDMI extender in 2023. 

Things to Look for in HDMI Extenders


There are four types of HDMI extenders, and the kind you choose will depend upon the distance you want it to cover. For example, if you’re looking to cover a distance between 10 to 100 meters, then an HDBaseT extender can get the job done. For greater distances, consider buying an HDMI extender over ethernet for high-quality results. 


The ideal HDMI extender will be easy to install, especially if you lack any sort of technical knowledge. Plug-and-play extenders are great for this, as they don’t require any special software installation. HDMI extenders that use LAN cables (like Cat 6 and 7 cables) are also simple to connect, but you’ll have to understand their entire setup process. 

Video resolution 

4K and 1080p video resolutions are considered high-definition, but the right choice for you will depend on your demands. Most people will be satisfied with 1080p, but if you want images that are even more vivid, opting for an extender with 4K resolution can do the trick.

Why Do You Need HDMI Extenders?

Distance can affect pixels and restrict your ability to stream in high quality, which is when an HDMI extender becomes necessary to make the most out of your devices. Extenders help transmit signals between multiple devices regardless of distance, and they also allow you to enjoy a cord-free experience.  You can set your home theatre up with an HDMI extender for high-quality streaming that’s free from messy wires. These devices even let you split signals between more than one screen, allowing you to display the same image on multiple screens, an approach that’s great for digital classrooms, game nights with friends, or LED walls for brand promotions.  A high-quality HDMI extender can easily extend 4K footage over 100 feet, and while you can increase this distance, the video quality might drop — an HDMI extender would display content in 1080p if you wanted it to cover a 300-foot distance, for example. You also won’t have to use multiple audio cables or any additional accessories for high-quality audio transmission, as an HDMI extender can get the job done on its own.

Types of HDMI Extenders 

HDMI extenders have four types based on their transmission media: 

HDMI over HDBaseT extender

The HDBaseT Extender type works great for longer distances of over 100 meters. This device can reduce multiple cords to a single cable for effective signal transmission.  It offers high-quality visuals and audio without compromising performance, and it uses Cat5e, 6, or 7 ethernet cables to get the job done. 

HDMI over fiber extender

This type of HDMI extender features fiber optic wire for transmitting data as light pulses. It’s an ideal choice for high-quality results when the source and the receiver are far apart, and you won’t notice any sort of signal degradation with it. 

HDMI over IP extender 

This type of HDMI extender is commonly known as HDMI over Ethernet, which uses an ethernet source to transmit high-definition audio and video. With this type, you can connect a single source to multiple screens without compromising display quality. You can ensure a fast, stable connection on WiFi by using an HDMI over IP extender. 

Wireless HDMI extender

This type of HDMI extender proves helpful when you want to transmit signals from one room to another. It doesn’t use any wired source to transmit signals, instead wirelessly sending high-quality signals through barriers, such as walls. 

HDMI Extender vs Active HDMI Cable 

An active HDMI cable connects a television to other devices (such as a laptop) across a short range. You can stretch them up to a few meters, but they won’t cover a longer distance without their signal suffering. Both active HDMI cables and extenders play a similar role in maintaining a high-quality signal.  Active cables work as signal boosters, and they have a maximum coverage distance of 100 feet. Extenders, on the other hand, can effortlessly deliver up to 4K images and audio over several meters. You can buy extenders with more coverage, but keep in mind that the image resolution will drop to 1080p. 

01 OREI HDMI Extender

If you’re looking for a durable signal transmitter that can stand the test of time, check out the OREI HDMI Extender. Its premium metal body makes it a long-term investment, and its pixel and audio quality will remain top-notch throughout its use. This HDMI extender also allows you to conveniently control your source through a remote display at its receiving end.

This HDMI extender is easy to use and operates through a single plug-in. You won’t have to install any software, as all you’ll need is a Cat 6 or 7 cable to pair it with multiple devices, including TVs, computers, and game consoles. This HDMI extender is our top pick thanks to its ability to transmit 4K signals over a range of 164 feet.


  • Delivers stable signals 
  • Seamless 4K resolution
  • Compatible with various devices


  • Produces a slight static noise 
OREI HDMI Extender

02 J-Tech Digital HDMI Extender

The J-Tech HDMI Extender can be a great option for transferring high-quality video and audio. It supports multiple video formats, from as high as 1080p to as low as 480i, and you can even use this extender to watch 3D videos without compromising on quality. Even the audio is top-notch thanks to its support for Dolby Digital, although you’ll need to copy the EDID signals from a suitable device for this to work.

This HDMI extender can be a great choice for transmitting signals up to 200 feet, and it’s highly compatible with various LAN cables. It comes with a user manual to help you get started, and you can hook this HDMI extender up to a range of devices to enjoy high-quality video.


  • Transmit signals up to 200 feet
  • Great value for your money 
  • Offers excellent audio quality 


  • A bit difficult to set up 
J-Tech Digital HDMI Extender

03 Ultra Clarity Cables HDMI Extender

Your search for a compatible, functional, and affordable extension cable can end with the Ultra Clarity Cables HDMI Extender. You can eliminate cord clutter behind your TV screen by bringing it home, so whether it’s for your gaming setup or home theatre, this HDMI extender can help you enjoy high-quality video in almost all instances.

This HDMI extender has gone through multiple test stages to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy stable streaming every time you use it. It offers high-definition images and sound, and its gold-plated metal connectors work to keep corrosion at bay. This triple-shielded HDMI extender also boasts a nylon braid design that can stand up to twisting and bending, making it a durable option for all your streaming needs.


  • Braided nylon design offers top-notch durability 
  • Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant build 
  • Available in multiple length options


  • Some reported issues with 4K resolution
Ultra Clarity Cables HDMI Extender


This HDMI extender pack from EXTRACTME comes with two extension cables to support high levels of video transmission across multiple devices. Its portable design makes it easy to carry around, and its compact nature saves a lot of space and helps you cut down on cord clutter. This HDMI extender is compatible with nearly all HDMI-compatible devices, including streaming sticks, gaming consoles, HD cable boxes, and more. 

This HDMI extender doesn’t comprise when it comes to durability — its gold-plated construction is corrosion-resistant, while its thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) exterior gives it a good level of flexibility. This HDMI extender also ensures optimum levels of conductivity for more consistent streaming results, so you won’t have to worry about losing signal while kicking back and relaxing.


  • Compatible with many devices
  • Flexible, durable design
  • Offers high-quality visuals


  • Average shielding quality 

05 UGREEN HDMI Extender

If you’re looking for a cable that’s compatible with a handful of devices, check out the UGREEN HDMI Extender. It works well with Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and TV streaming sticks, and it offers excellent picture quality, with a transfer rate of almost 18 Gbps. 

This HDMI extender’s triple-shielding protects it from interference from external sources, and its durable, gold-plated body makes it a long-term investment. Whether you want to watch in 4K or 1080p, this HDMI extender can be your go-to solution for HD streaming, and even better is that it’s available in multiple lengths and supports 3D viewing.


  • Stable signal transmission
  • Supports 4K images 
  • Multiple lengths available


  • Some reported issues with Roku Sticks

People Also Asked

How does an HDMI extender work?

An HDMI extender is comprised of a single transmitter and receiver that sends high-quality video and audio signals from one device to another. It doesn’t require a clutter of wires to do its job, and most use LAN cables for distributing signals over a broader range. They’re highly affordable, with plug-and-play HDMI extenders being the most user-friendly option.

Do HDMI extenders reduce signal quality?

HDMI extenders with poor bandwidth can affect signal quality by letting external sources (such as stray voltage) interfere with their functioning, causing a disturbance in the delivery of HD audio and video. This usually occurs in poorly shielded extenders or when attempting to transmit signals over greater distances.

Do HDMI extenders with long cables display poor performance?

The concept of HDMI extenders’ cable length affecting their performance is a myth. It’s an old misconception that poor cable construction was the reason behind low-quality signal transmission — the real culprit for poor resolution is a greater transmission distance.

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