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Build a Healthy Work Environment With the Best Standing Desk Converters

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Build a Healthy Work Environment With the Best Standing Desk Converters

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding Quality Standing Desk Converter

Do you work for hours slouched over the computer, typing away while your back aches and shoulders hunch? Well, you should better revamp your workstation before your working habits take a toll on your spine. As most Zen masters believe, “If you are standing up for too long, sit. If you are sitting for too long, stand.” Fortunately, furniture companies have started producing innovative and ergonomically designed work desks that smoothly align with your desired posture for maximized productivity. Even though standing desks and treadmill desks have gained widespread popularity as healthier alternatives, you don’t need to ditch your normal desk for these costly adjustable versions when a standing desk converter gets everything covered. Standing desk converters ensure a smooth and effortless transition between an ordinary sitting desk to a fully standing version, without crowding your workspace. From manually adjustable to electric-powered desk converters, the options are limitless. To save you time and effort, we’ve curated a list of the leading standing desk converters of 2023.

Office jobs were always esteemed as a level-up for most, with their comfort and convenience. But as the work-from-home culture prevailed, everyone figured out the supposedly revered desktop work is actually detrimental to health. The countless laborious hours spent sitting in front of the screen can take a toll on your physical well-being, and standing desk converters let you optimize your work desk depending on your posture.  In case you have grown tired of sitting, you can simply raise the deck to your height and be up on your feet. But why do you need a standing desk converter when a typical standing desk can do the job?

Standing Desk v. Desk Converters: Which One Is Better?

While full-fledged standing desks provide a safe, convenient and healthier work environment their less-endowed counterparts work just as fine. Whether you are too lazy to assemble and shift to an entirely new work desk or unable to afford the exorbitantly priced standing desks, a sitting-to-standing desk converter would suit your needs. A converting desk offers exactly what a typical standing desk does but at a fraction of the cost. So, if you are an employer looking to cut short company expenses or a freelancer working from home, desk converters are an ideal solution for cash-strapped buyers. And since standing desks occupy more space than desk converters, you’d even have to get rid of your previous desk.  

What to Consider Before Buying a Standing Desk Converter


Like a normal desk, a desk converter should have sufficient space to accommodate your monitor and laptop along with a secondary tray to keep your keyboard and mouse. Their sizes range from 30-inch monitors to massive 46-inch desktops that can support multiple monitors at once.

Weight capacity

The amount of load a standing desk converter can bear without compromising the steadiness or stability of the deck is another vital factor that signifies the sturdiness of the desk converter. Some desk converters also have a weight capacity as low as 25 lbs, which is just enough to carry a mid-sized monitor or laptop. Meanwhile, some converters with a strong metal base can safely endure up to 60 pounds—which is perfect for hardcore gamers, stock traders, and web developers.

Height adjustment mechanism

Standing desk converters either feature an electrically-powered motor or use manually adjustable knobs and levers to raise and lower the deck’s height. Electric height-adjustable desks: Use single or dual motor operation to lift and lower the desk as administered by a control panel. These desks have an anti-collision system and can safely carry heavier weights. Manually height-adjustable desks depend on an analog mechanism and rely on hand cranks, hydraulics, and spring counterbalance adjustment.

01 VIVO Desk Converter

Being a frontrunner in manufacturing ergonomically designed office furniture, VIVO’s Desk Converter amplifies your productivity. Whether you are a web developer or gamer who prefers having a broader view with dual screens, the VIVO desk features a 32 inch dual platform that accommodates two screens at once via C-clamp and grommet riser.

The innovative single-touch lift-assist lets you adjust and lock the platforms in place between 4.5 and 20 inches, depending on your height. The solid steel structure transitions smoothly between sit and stand postures while carrying up to 33 pounds weight, and its sturdy steel structure, streamlined height adjustability and affordable price tag makes it the best overall desk converter you can buy.


  • Ensures hassle-free adjustment
  • Can safely endure 33 pounds 
  • Spacious shelf supports two screens


  • The keyboard shelf is shallow
VIVO Desk Converter

02 Stand Steady Standing Desk Converter

Besides the hefty price tags, one thing that distances standing desk converters from adjusting work desks is their compromised space.  The Stand Steady Standing Desk Converter ensures maximum autonomy and freedom to practice your skills. In addition to the 37 inch spacious desktop that accommodates two monitors, the sleek matte black platform features a tablet and media holder to watch tutorials or contact friends.

Featuring a large keyboard tray with enough room to scavenge your mouse throughout the screen with no limitations, the sturdy metal frame holds a 35 pound desktop. The hydraulic pump is also equally capable of raising the platform to the desired height without compromising its stability.


  • Platform is spacious 
  • Additional media holder
  • Smooth and easy adjustment


  • The keyboard tray might wobble
Stand Steady Standing Desk Converter

03 SHW Standing Desk Converter

Whether you are revamping your at-home workstation for more productivity or want something that triggers your creativity at the office, the SHW Standing Desk Converter is the remedy to your shortcomings. The SHW desk converter features a unique X-shaped steel bar fitted with pneumatic cylinders that smoothly fold back and forth and allows for 60 pounds of combined weight capacity.

With an extra-wide elevated monitor platform, this standing desk converter appears like a mini version of a typical adjustable work desk. If you prefer keeping the monitor at the same height, detach the riser on top and use it as a standard adjustable work desk.


  • Offers 60 pounds of weight capacity
  • Features a sliding drawer
  • Promotes more stability


  • It is not meant for taller individuals
SHW Standing Desk Converter

04 FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

The FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter is a perfect combination of style, durability and convenience. The tough steel construction affords 33 pounds of weight capacity—which is enough to carry more than one computer screen, a laptop and a special dedicated space for a smartphone. 

The wide keyboard deck offers sufficient space to accommodate large gaming keyboards and bulky mice. The platform is also powered by sturdy hydraulic cylinders, allowing you to elevate your workstation like a breeze. Despite being one of the most affordable desk converters out there, FEZIBO features an additional gas spring braking system that prevents any instability during motion.


  • Ergonomic, stylish, and convenient design
  • Additional multi-functional slot for smartphones and tablets
  • Simple and easy deck adjustable mechanics


  • Does not have gripping feet
FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

05 Rocelco Standing Desk Converter

From mounting multiple monitors and tablets to placing notepads and a coffee mug, Rocelco’s Standing Desk Converter offers a massive deck space for people who prefer keeping everything at an arm’s length. With a 46 inch workspace, you can mount up to three medium-sized monitors or two large ones along with a laptop. 

The retractable keyboard is kept lower than the deck for better ergonomics, and the sturdy metal frame features an X-shaped design supported by gas pistons that not only facilitate stable movement but keep the platform steady up to 45 pounds of weight on top. With the grommet hole at the back, you either install a monitor mount or use it to manage your cables.


  • Spacious deck space 
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Offers hassle-free cable management


  • The keyboard tray does not have sufficient space
Rocelco Standing Desk Converter

People Also Asked

Are standing desk converters portable?

Although most standing desk converters are constructed out of a metal base, they are comparatively more compact, lightweight and adjustable.

How often should I stand while working on screen?

Medical professionals and chiropractors suggest standing up after every 30 minutes to keep the blood flowing throughout the body.

Can I place more than one monitor on a desk converter?

It depends on the size and weight capacity of a desk converter. The size of a desk converter should be at least 34 inches with a load capacity of 30 pounds to safely house two screens at once. Some variants also have a grommet where you can attach a dual or triple monitor mount.

How can I tell if my standing desk converter needs replacement?

You’ll know your standing desk converter needs replacement if it shows signs of wear and tear that can’t be mended. Other signs include machinery parts that cannot work.

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