How to Send a Message on DeviantArt

DeviantArt isn’t your average social network. It’s a part of the online universe where artists come to grow their arts and share their artworks.

Since its founding in 2000, it has become the number one online place for promoting your art, with an audience of over 44 million professionals and art enthusiasts. The members of this community share over 10,000 pieces of art on a daily basis, for which they can get feedback and words of support.

Sound interesting? You’ve decided to become a member and you’ve created a profile and started exploring the platform. Maybe you’re still a bit confused about a few things, such as sending messages.

If you’re not sure how to contact another DeviantArt member, this article may help clarify that.

How Do I Communicate with Other Members on DeviantArt?

There’s no point in sharing your art on this platform if you’re not going to communicate with anyone and exchange opinions and experiences.

There are multiple ways to interact with your artistic community. As you’re able to share not only your artworks on your profile but also your journals or status updates, other people can get to know you and maybe leave comments on your posts. You can also join the chat network or talk to DeviantArt members on the forum page.

Joining a chat allows you to talk to other DeviantArt users in real time and join different discussions and exchanges of opinions. Like any other conversation in the real world, you might want to be polite and not interrupt other chat members, especially if the current topic isn’t very appealing to you. Wait for your turn to contribute to some other topic.

The forums are a bit different. You can join different threads under a multitude of topics, and you have a chance to exchange opinions with anyone on the platform. Also, these forums can be extremely beneficial as you may find job opportunities or meet potential collaborators in some of the threads.

If you’re not interested in talking to many people at the same time, you could try sending a note.


How Do I Send a Note to a DeviantArt User?

Unlike leaving a comment on someone’s deviation, which appears on their profile and is visible to everyone, notes aren’t public. Notes are private messages you can send to other DeviantArt members.

This system lets you send one message to one person, or send a group message to many people at a time. To add multiple recipients for your note, use a comma to separate their names.

DeviantArt allows you to send text messages, deviations, or print thumbnail via notes.

If you want to send a note to a DeviantArt User, you should:

  1. Click on their username.
  2. Find the Send note button in the top right corner of their profile, next to the Watch button.
  3. After a small window appears, type in your message and click Send!

Another way to do this is through your Notifications Center. Click on the Notes tab and you’ll be able to type in the username of a person and send them a note.

How Are My Notes Organized?

In the Notifications Center, you’ll see that your messages are organized in multiple sections.

New messages are in your Unread folder.

After you read them, they go straight to your Inbox folder and stay there unless you delete them.

You can star certain notes and keep them in your Starred folder, should you consider them important or appealing for whatever reason.

To check your sent notes, open your Sent folder – all your sent messages will be there until you delete them.

If you write a message but don’t send it immediately, it will be saved in your Drafts folder for later access.

You can use the Spam folder to get rid of unwanted messages – just mark a person as a spammer and their messages won’t appear in your Inbox anymore.

You can clear out all your folders at any time. Instead of selecting messages manually, you could use the Select all option and then Delete Selected. Note that you can’t get your messages back once deleted.

How Do I Know If Someone Read My Note?

You might wonder whether a person has read your note. Although they can mark your message as unread after reading it, if you see a grey note icon on the right side of the message, you’ll know they have seen it.

Can I Block Someone from Sending Me Notes?

If you consider a message abusive, you can mark it as spam and also report it to DeviantArt’s help desk. If a person continues to send inappropriate or offensive messages, you can block them from contacting you in the future. Go to your Settings and find Personal, and then General. If you scroll down, you’ll come across the Blocked Users section. Go there and you only need to type in the username of the person and they’ll be blocked. They won’t be able to send you messages or see your content.

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