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The Best Online Shopping Sites for Geeks

The Best Online Shopping Sites for Geeks

Now is a good time to be a geek. We have never been so accepted in society or so respected. That makes it acceptable to celebrate our nerdiness and relax, calm in the knowledge that our time has come. As the world is now much more geek friendly, there is no need to hide it. So here are some of the best online shopping sites for geeks.

Talking of geekiness reminds me of a quote from Modern Family, a conversation between Hayley and Alex about their respective friends.

Hayley: ‘Alex your friends are such geeks.’

Alex: ‘Hayley, one day your friends will be working for my friends.’

Online shopping for geeks

Anyway, back to the reason we’re here.

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ThinkGeek is one of the most established emporiums of everything cool. It has a huge range of items from across the entire nerd spectrum. From Star Wars, Star Trek, computer games, robots and more. There is even a fully functional Bluetooth Star Trek communicator. You don’t get much better than that!


Red5 is a British shop but given the name and the stuff it sells and the fact it ships internationally, it deserves to be on here. The strength of this site is in their drones, X-wings, Tie Fighters and more. There is even a speeder bike drone! Other geeky products are also offered with some we can’t get over here.

Mental Floss Store

The Mental Floss Store is for thinking geeks rather than sci-fi geeks as it’s an offshoot of the Mental Floss Magazine. The store has a huge range of stuff including clothes, objects for the home, office and just for play. Plus there is a good range of puzzles and games that will keep even the most intelligent geek quiet for a while.

Gadgets and Gear

Gadgets and Gear specializes in just that. There is some seriously cool stuff on here and some seriously expensive stuff too. From spy gear to bug out bags, survival kit to trackers and cameras. This is a slightly more serious site for the more serious geek but if you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, this is one place to shop.

Hollywood Collectibles Group

The cunningly named Hollywood Collectibles Group is where you go to get your Aliens M56 Smartgun or your 1:4 scale model of Selene from Underworld. This site has a huge collection of models and replicas from all our favorite movies, from the blockbuster to the not so well known. The stuff isn’t cheap, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Cool Things

Cool Things is a hub site that lists all the cool new stuff that is being released and then tells you where to buy them. There is a little bit of everything here from the stupid to the seriously cool. It’s less about movies and themes and more about cool gadgets that are just dying to be bought. Be careful, it’s very easy to spend money when you visit this site!

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If you’re a true geek, you’ll know how cool that name is. IWOOT stands for I Want One Of Those and never a truer phrase has been said. This is another European site that ships to the U.S. which offers a range of niche gifts. There is a little of everything here from the geeky to the normal. Well worth checking out.


CooGig is just perfect for playing Secret Santa at work or for spending very little to get a lot of fun. Everything on the site costs less than $5 and while much of it is trash, there are some seriously cool gifts on there. If you’re on a budget or are struggling for a filler gift for a geek, this is the place to go.

Latest Buy

Latest Buy is an online shopping site for geeks but it stocks lots of normal gifts too. It’s a real mix. It is based in Australia but ships to the U.S. so is another opportunity to bag a niche gift you can’t get over here. Finding geeky stuff takes a little searching but the Alien category is a sure-fire winner.

Japan Trend Shop

Japan Trend Shop is for Asian-inspired geeks or for those who love their culture, comic books, games, music or whatever. As most cutting edge stuff is made in Japan, they usually get the goods before we do. This site is a way to jump the queue. It also stocks a range of unique gifts that you won’t get anywhere else.

Dude I Want That

Dude I Want That is a mixture of geek toys and seriously cool stuff that anyone would want. From zombie apocalypse survival kits to Tyrannosaurus Rex skull chilling stones, there is some seriously random gifts and gadgets on this site. It isn’t cheap but the quality looks pretty good to me!

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