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Are Sony TVs Compatible with Airplay?

Are Sony TVs Compatible with Airplay?

Some Sony Smart TVs can now be connected to Apple AirPlay 2. This long-awaited improvement allows you to stream content such as games, movies, music, photos and more from any Apple device to your Sony TV.

In this article, you’ll find out which Sony TVs are compatible with Airplay, which models require updates, and how to set up Airplay and turn your Sony into a great Apple TV alternative.

Which Sony TVs Support Apple Airplay

Some of the newest models of Sony TVs come with a built-in Apple Airplay support app. These models include XBR series: 800H, 900H, 950H, A8H, and Z8H.

Some of the models produced before the Airplay integration can still be made compatible, but you’ll need to run a software update. If you have a model from XBR series A9F, A9G, X850G, X950G, Z9F, or Z9G, a software update is required. If your TV is set to check for updates automatically, you should get a notification when the app becomes available. Just make sure your TV is connected to the internet and that you have a decent connection.

Sony TVs Compatible with Airplay

If your Sony TV doesn’t update automatically, you can update it manually in a few quick steps:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Device Preferences.
  2. Select About, and then System Software Update.
  3. When the update becomes available, download and install it.
  4. For the installation to complete, you’ll need to turn the TV off. The whole process can last for about 10 minutes.

How to Mirror Your Apple Device Display to Your Sony TV

The first step is to configure Airplay. To do this, check if your TV and the Apple device are connected to the same network (they must be), and then follow these steps:

  1. On the remote control, press Input and choose AirPlay.
  2. In AirPlay & HomeKit settings, find AirPlay and turn it on.

Now that you’ve configured AirPlay, turn on Screen Mirroring. The way to do this depends on your device.

  1. On iPhone or iPad, go to the Control Center and turn Screen Mirroring on.
  2. On Mac, open the menu bar and click the AirPlay Video button. Your TV should be listed here, so just select it.
  3. If prompted to enter a passcode, enter it on your Apple device.

If you’d like to turn Screen Mirroring off, the steps are similar to those outlined above:

  1. On iPhone or iPad, go to the Control Center and turn Screen Mirroring off.
  2. On Mac, open the menu bar and click the Turn AirPlay Off button.

How to Stream Videos and Other Content to the Sony TV

Once you’ve configured AirPlay and turned screen mirroring on, streaming the content is easy.

  1. Use your Apple device to find movies, music videos, or anything else that you’d like to stream.
  2. Click AirPlay Video to watch videos on your TV or:
  3. Click AirPlay Audio to listen to music.
  4. Select your Sony TV, and the content will start streaming.

To stop streaming content:

  1. On Mac, go to the video or audio playback controls, then click Turn Off AirPlay.
  2. On iPhone or iPad, in the app you’re streaming from, tap AirPlay Video or AirPlay Audio. On the list of devices, touch your iOS device from the list.

How to Enable HomeKit

If your Sony TV is compatible with AirPlay, it means that it has access to HomeKit as well.

  1. On the Home app, add HomeKit.
  2. Scan the QR code.
  3. Configure HomeKit preferences, such as the name and details, and choose a scene.

Note that HomeKit won’t work if you don’t give your mobile device permission to control the TV. When asked to allow mobile control, hit yes.

AirPlay and HomeKit Features

With AirPlay and HomeKit, your Sony TV now has a couple of extra features. In addition to casting various types of content to your TV, now you have the option for multi-room audio. Airplay 2 allows you to cast audio to several devices at the same time. So if your TV is in one room, and you have a HomePod in another, you can play the same music in both.

HomeKit connects your TV and Siri, so you can turn it on and off or adjust its volume with a voice command. What’s more, you can tell Siri in which room you’d like to watch the program.

Controlling your TV is easier with AirPlay than with remote control. Use the built-in control in the Control Center or apps. Even when your screen is locked, you can adjust the volume, pause or un-pause, rewind or fast-forward the content you’re watching on your TV.

AirPlay isn’t just for music and videos. You can use it to mirror presentations, websites, or various documents to your TV.

A Smarter Smart TV

Airplay can enhance your experience with your Sony TV. With the addition of HomeKit, it brings a world of possibilities to your living room.

Is your Sony TV on the list of supported models? Have you had the chance to give Airplay a go? Is it everything you thought it would be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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