How to Change Your Primary Gauntlet in Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a free, battle royale-style game that’s taking the online community by storm. It’s like Fortnight, except with magic. And who doesn’t love magic, right?

While the game features a very lengthy tutorial when you first log in, it doesn’t answer the question that everybody wants to know:

What’s the deal with primary gauntlets and can you change it?

Find out more about the main source of your character’s power in Spellbreak – the gauntlet. Discover what it means to change it and what type of changes you can make.

How to Change Your Primary Gauntlet in Spellbreak

Do a quick search online and you will find that one of the biggest questions about Spellbreak is about changing gauntlets. This is a tricky question, and the simple answer is you change your primary gauntlet.

It may break your heart to read this, but the gauntlet you start with is yours to keep for as long as you have the account. Now, before you get too disheartened, there are a few things you need to understand about your primary gauntlet.

Spellbreak change your primary gauntlet

Your main gauntlet is tied to the level and points your character accumulates. In other words, each time you pick a class and gain points toward mastery, it accumulates in your primary gauntlet. So, you can see why getting rid of it would be a bad thing, right?

Now here’s where the confusion lies…

Spellbreak changing primary gauntlet

While your primary gauntlet is yours to keep forever, you can switch up character classes. Character classes that you can pick from at the beginning of every match include:

  • Stone shape
  • Pyromancer
  • Tempest
  • Toxicologist
  • Conduit
  • Frostborn

Each class lends itself to a different play style, so you may have to play around with a few before you settle on one primary class to work toward mastery. However, you can change your primary gauntlet’s class before each match, and that’s what really counts.

Your class determines which powers you’ll have for any given match. Choosing a primary class or element before the match doesn’t automatically lock you into that particular element forever. It just lasts for as long as you survive the round.

What if you don’t like it?

If you don’t like it, then you’re free to choose a different class or element before starting the next match.

Just keep in mind that chronic switching will make it harder to accumulate enough points to work toward mastery. While some experimentation is expected at first, you may not want to keep switching as you become more adept at the game.

It’s also important to note that you can’t change your primary gauntlet power mid-match. However, you can pick up a second gauntlet with another class or element. You may not have as much choice in available classes depending on where you chose to spawn. However, you do get two gauntlets through any given match.

For example, let’s say that you choose to go through a portal no one else has chosen. The area is therefore empty, and you have free reign of all the boxes. You’re free to look for a specific gauntlet to equip as your secondary. However, if you choose to spawn in a heavily populated area, you may become “exiled” or taken out by other players before you get a chance to find or equip a second gauntlet.

Changing primary gauntlet spellbreak

How to Swap Your Main Gauntlet in Spellbreak

Swapping your main gauntlet hand in the game is a simple process:

  • Start Spellbreak
  • Press the hamburger icon on the upper right side and go to “Settings”
  • Click on the Gameplay tab
  • Check the box to “Swap Gauntlet Slots”
  • Click on the Back button

This is mostly a user control preference and doesn’t affect actual gameplay.

Additional FAQ

How Do You Swap My Main Gauntlet Hands in Spellbreak?

Swapping your main gauntlet hand is as easy as simply going into the Settings menu and going to the Gameplay tab. Scroll down and check the box for “Swap Gauntlet Slots” and then the Back button.

How Do I Change My Left Gauntlet in Spellbreak?

The left gauntlet is the default Primary gauntlet hand. To switch the Primary gauntlet to your right hand, go to the Settings menu. Click on the Gameplay tab and check the box to “Swap Gauntlet Slots.”

However, if you want to change your class or element, you can only do so at the beginning of a match. There’s no switching classes mid-match for your primary or left gauntlet. However, you can change the secondary gauntlet as many times as you want during a match.

How Do I Change Primary Gauntlet in Spellbreak?

You select the class or element for your character before every match. When you go to the Play tab on the main screen and click on Play again, you’ll see all your choices. Choose wisely, though, because you can’t change it in the middle of a match.

How Does Spellbreak’s Beginner’s Guide Work?

The developers of Spellbreak don’t have an actual “beginner’s guide” for new players, but they do have a lengthy tutorial when you first log in. You can also find several unofficial Spellbreak Beginner Guides on YouTube and online.

These are just tips and tricks every newbie should know but the developers don’t go out of their way to tell you. Usually, they’re given by players who have some experience in the game and wish someone had told them when they first started.

What Is the Best Gauntlet to Use with Stoneshaper?

Usually, it’s a matter of opinion which classes work well with others. So, the best way to find out which gauntlet works best with Stoneshaper is simply to experiment.

Fire is the most obvious pairing, while Toxic seems to be the least popular. All other elements pair with varying degrees of success depending on your playing style and environment.

Can You Master Gauntlets in Spellbreak?

You can check out your Mastery levels by clicking on the equivalent tab on the Main Screen. Under Mastery, you’ll see your progress toward each class rank as well as rewards for each milestone.

It is possible to reach mastery for the different classes, but you’d have to use each one in matches to gain experience points.

How Do You Drop Items in Spellbreak?

If you’re playing on a PC, hold down the Ctrl button along with the item’s hotkey (1-4). For Nintendo Switch players, press the UP button on the D-Pad and press the square button for the item you want to drop.

What Is the Best Gauntlet in Spellbreak?

The “best gauntlet” in Spellbreak depends on too many factors and is largely subjective. It all boils down to your playstyle, though. If you’re a mage who likes to play sniper, you may prefer the Frostborn class.

However, if you prefer blasting others with AoE or Area of Effect attacks, classes like Pyromancer or Stoneshaper may be the better choice.

Try Out All the Classes Before Deciding

Checking out advice from other players may seem like a sound strategy but remember that those tips are biased. The only way you’ll know for sure which classes work for you is to try them all out before settling on one.

Don’t worry about getting exiled or eliminated within the first seconds of a match. It’ll happen regardless of which class you choose because it happens to all newbies. You may as well use that time to figure out which elements give you a fighting chance before exile.

Do you have a favorite gauntlet combination? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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