How to Switch Off Background Apps on OnePlus 5T

Do you feel like your OnePlus 5 isn’t getting the same mileage compared to when you just started using it? Is it sluggish, your battery won’t last a day, or you have been having a frustrating experience when switching between apps? All these could be because of some apps running in the background of your phone. Social networking, email, and lifestyle apps regularly stays connected to the Internet trying to update.
When these applications run in the background, it uses a lot of battery and bandwidth and these slow down your phone. It’s better to update these apps manually by yourself, and you will be able to manage your phone battery.
Shutting down these apps is a relatively straightforward process for long-time OnePlus 5T, but we’re going to navigate through this slowly to ensure we keep even the newbies on the same page.

Steps to Close Background Applications on OnePlus 5T

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Click the “recent app” button from home screen
  3. Press “Active apps” option
  4. Click end all
  5. And select OK if prompted

How to Disable Background Data on OnePlus 5T for All Services

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Browse to settings and click “Data usage”
  3. Click the three dots at the upper right corner by opening the “context menu”
  4. Disable the “Auto-sync data”
  5. Click Ok

Disabling Background Data on Gmail and Other Related Services

  1. Switch on the OnePlus 5T
  2. Press “Accounts” From the settings menu
  3. Click OnePlus
  4. Choose the name of your account
  5. Disable the services

How to Disable Background Data on OnePlus 5T for Twitter

  1. Switch on the OnePlus 5T
  2. Click “Accounts” option from the settings menu
  3. Tap “Twitter”
  4. Disable “Sync Twitter”

Facebook Background Data Can be Disabled From the App Setting Menu, Follow This Process

  1. Switch on the OnePlus 5T
  2. Go to the “Facebook settings” menu
  3. Click “Refresh Interval”
  4. Choose “Never”

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