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The Best Fortnite Discord Servers

The Best Fortnite Discord Servers

If you love Fortnite (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then you’re likely going to be searching for new people to play against regularly. Maybe you want to go pro, or perhaps you just need to some new friends to squad up with on the weeknights. Either way, it’s vital that you engage with the community and find some like-minded players to increase your enjoyment of the game even more.

Also, meeting randoms online isn’t the best way to find friends. Instead, you guys usually end up yelling at each other for not landing in Tilted Towers. This is another reason why you’d want to find new people to play with, to ensure they’re in the same mindset and have the same goals as you.

Well, the best place for you to look is in a Fortnite-focused Discord server. If you don’t know what Discord is, don’t fret. It’s a free online chat service for like-minded gamers to get together and talk. This could be via voice, text, or even screen share. Regardless, this is a great place to build a community and get to know others. In this post, we’re going to detail the best Fortnite Discord servers out there. However, there are a few things to know first.

Scrims and Snipes

There are two different main phrases people use when looking for other Fortnite players to challenge. These terms are Scrim and Snipe. We’ll get into these now.


Scrim is actually short for scrimmage, or a match with no real consequences. This is the best place for players to practice fighting against one another and to learn new strategies.

Scrims take place in all game modes: solo’s, duo’s, and squads. Pro Fortnite players tend to group up and scrim against one another instead of playing against randoms, as regular players don’t prove to be much of a challenge at all. Plus, Fortnite doesn’t have any sort of matchmaking system involved to help with this.

Scrim servers will usually have players enter their kill/death ratio before joining. This is just to ensure players are at a similar skill level. Don’t fret, however, as some servers let just anybody in – ideal for if you’re still learning the game.

Big Discord servers are given private keys to scrim in their own servers, making it much easier for players to do what they’d like without getting involved with randoms.


A snipe is similar to a scrim. I mentioned above that some big Fortnite Discord servers are given private server keys to exist in their own instance of the world. However, those that aren’t are forced to jump into the matchmaking system. That said, if players want to compete against one another, how do they do so? They do so by sniping.

No, not by shooting others with a sniper rifle. Sniping is when a giant group of Fortnite players all join a “countdown” channel in their Discord, and everyone in the group presses “Go” at the same time within the game. Then, they’ll all begin matchmaking and hopefully end up in the same server to compete against one another. While this isn’t a guaranteed workaround, sniping is an excellent way for groups of players to try and get in the same game together.

Pros will sometimes do this as well so they can all compete with one another in a big map.

A List of Fortnite Discord Servers

Now, here is a list of different Scrim and Snipe Discord channels for you to join:

ProSettings Discord

This server hosts a ton of different daily scrims or daily snipes. If you decide to jump in here, you have to move to the #roles change and pick which you’d prefer. Then, select your region and which platform you play on. They support Xbox, PC, and PS4 and all regions like EU, NA, and Oceania.

There are about 40,000 people in the server, as they allow anyone in if they follow guidelines.


YoGaming Discord

YoGaming is a growing server that is looking to run scrims in the near future. For the time being, the group is creating their own custom bot for scrimming and sniping that will run at all times. It supports Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 4. That, and all regions including North America, Oceania, and the EU are welcome.

There are over 9,000 players in the server, but anyone can join should they so please.


Fortnite EXP Discord

This Discord channel has a lot of pros that look to scrim one another as often as possible. Players must have at least a 2 K/D, as the system auto-ranks them upon joining. It also classifies players based on how many matches they have. It hosts weekly prizes and cash tournaments as well.

This channel only supports PC players in NA or EU but holds over 35,000 players.


FN Player League

The FN Player League is a competitive Discord server started by a group of dedicated players. If you perform well here and want to participate in daily snipes, you may eventually move up to the Pro League which is only available via invite. There is an NA and an EU server list, and in combination host around 35,000 players.


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