Turn OFF Text Message Sound On OnePlus 3

For those that own an OnePlus 3, you may want to know how to turn OFF text message sounds on the OnePlus 3. For some the OnePlus 3 to turn off text message sound can become annoying for those that don’t want to hear this noise when talking on the phone. Below we’ll explain how you can turf off text message sounds during calls on the OnePlus 3.



How To Turn OFF Text Message Sound On OnePlus 3:

  1. Turn on the OnePlus 3.
  2. Go to the Home Screen and select on the Menu.
  3. Select on Settings.
  4. Select on Sound & Notifications.
  5. Select on Other sounds.
  6. Select on Call.
  7. Select on Call Alerts.
  8. Select on Call Signals.


After you follow the steps above, you’ll see an option to disable “Notification during calls” and all you need to do is uncheck the box to stop getting SMS text alerts while your on the phone.



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