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How to See How Many Downloads per Episode a Podcast Has

How to See How Many Downloads per Episode a Podcast Has

Podcasts have never been more popular. Everyone from your average Joe to big-time celebrities host podcasts or join them as guests.

There are many metrics that determine a podcast’s popularity. Yet one of the most sought-after statistics is the number of downloads. As a podcast owner, you can see how many times each of your episodes was downloaded by your loyal fan base.

You can do this on almost any platform. If you’re on one of the larger podcast directories, the following guide will help you access your listener analytics and figure out your download numbers.

Apple Podcasts

Formerly iTunes, Apple Podcasts is now the world’s most popular podcast directory. As such, you can find some of the greatest shows on it.

how to see how many downloads per episode podcast has

Yet, you can’t check advanced metrics for episodes unless you’re the podcast owner.

  1. Go to
  2. Use your login credentials and sign in (same Apple ID used to submit your podcast).
  3. Click on the Podcast Analytics button.
  4. Browse through your episodes to check out the listener data.

The podcast analytics on Apple Podcasts offers a wealth of information for individual episodes. This includes numbers of downloads, listener locations, and even timestamps for where listeners may have skipped.

Google Podcasts

If you access the Podcast Portal, Google provides a variety of metrics or reports regarding your podcast, including subscriptions, download numbers, and plays.

  1. Access the Google play Music Podcast Portal.
  2. Use your Google ID to sign in.
  3. Select a podcast that you want to check out.
  4. Go to the Listener Activity Report section.
  5. Click the small graph icon (reports icon) if you want statistics for individual episodes.

Google also lets you break down stats per series, days, or using various other filters.

see how many downloads per episode podcast has


Spotify also offers a wide range of listener analytics for its artists and podcasters.

If you want to see how you rank and how successful you are, be sure to check your podcaster dashboard.

  1. Go to Spotify for Podcasters.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Verify that you own the podcast you want to check out.
  4. Use the code automatically sent by Spotify via email.
  5. Confirm additional information required.
  6. Submit.
  7. Access the analytics page by clicking the See Stats button.
  8. Click on individual episodes to see download numbers and stream numbers.

see how many downloads per episode a podcast has


Stitcher’s popularity has a long way to go until it catches giants like Google and Apple, or even Spotify. Yet the platform is also secretive with its download statistics and other metrics. The only way to check download numbers is to log in as the podcast owner and use a unique password.

  1. Access the Provider Portal.
  2. Use your Stitcher Partner login credentials.
  3. Access your podcast metrics.
  4. Filter by date or by episode.

The table shows you active listeners and total listeners. It also gives you an average completion rate, download numbers, as well as other statistics.


To access listener analytics for podcasts on TuneIn, you need to work a bit harder. First, you have to apply for the Amplifier program. This allows broadcasters to check their analytics and see how they’re doing.

In order to gain access to the program you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Create a Tunein user account.
  2. Create an embedded player.
  3. Add the player to your podcast’s webpage.
  4. Go to
  5. Apply for the Amplifier program.
  6. Input your website URL, with the embedded player.
  7. Input the email address used to create the TuneIn account.
  8. Wait for confirmation.

One TuneIn accepts you in the Amplifier program, you can use your regular TuneIn user account for your login credentials. Then you get access to listener analytics which include the number of downloads you have on your episodes.

Listener Analytics Tips?

You don’t have to put your podcast on every directory to gain visibility. Sometimes, sticking to one or two of the popular platforms is more than enough to engage a large audience. Keep in mind that your audio quality, topics, guests, and demeanor often count more towards your success, than where you upload your episodes.

Regardless of what platform you pick, it’s a good idea to check other listener analytics beyond download numbers. You’ll quickly find that most people stream episodes. You’ll also find that some get bored midway through and start skipping or even switch episodes.

Podcasting – the Potential Future of Interviews?

In your opinion, what other important metrics should podcast hosts constantly check out to stay on top of their game?

Share with us your tips on how to build a bigger audience and a more successful podcast, in the comments section below. Let us know how you prefer your listener analytics and what platforms you think provide the best statistics.

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Zoe says:
From what I can see, there are no download stats in Spotify for podcasters. I contacted their support (Dec 2021) and they told me that this isn’t something that they currently track for podcasters, which is a total shame. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get that data from Spotify?

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