How To Fake your Location on Find My Friends

Posted by Jamie on February 22, 2019

Does your family or partner want you to use Find My Friends? Want some privacy or time alone without being located? Want to fake your location on Find My Friends to prank someone or just appear somewhere other than where you are? This tutorial will show you how!

Apps like Find My Friends make me cringe. You can imagine the developers sitting in isolation somewhere in Apple’s HQ in Cupertino thinking ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we designed an app that let’s friends and family find each other through their location’. What could possibly go wrong?

The theory behind Find My Friends is sound. Use an iPhone’s GPS to securely share location with designated others and enable communication between them. The app offers a lot of scope for close friends or families but nothing that normal chat cannot achieve.

The app comes with a bunch of privacy controls that you can tweak to make the app work for you and keep your data quiet. You can even turn it off or mute contacts for a time if you do want time alone.

If you are forced to use Find My Friends, you don’t always have to have your location on display. You can turn location tracking off for a while, you could use an app like FMFNotifier or a GPS spoofing app. All do the same thing in different ways, keep your real location private from other people.

If you have the luxury of a spare iPhone, you can use that. Find My Friends tracks the account, not the phone so there would be nothing preventing you logging into your main Apple account on the ‘safe’ phone and using your spare phone when you don’t want to be tracked.

Otherwise, try one of these:

Turn off location in Find My Friends

Find My Friends does have decent privacy built into it and makes them easy to configure to your requirements. One change you can make is to turn off location within the app when you need to stay private for a while. The upside is that it is built into the app. The downside is that it may be noticed and you may have to explain why you were gone.

Either way, here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Find My Friends on your iPhone.
  2. Select Me and toggle Share My Location to off.
  3. Select Done to save the change.

You can also do this in iCloud should you want to.

  1. Log into iCloud.
  2. Select Find My Friends.
  3. Select Me and toggle Share My Location to off.

While you can turn off your location in Find My Friends, you need an app to fake it.


FMFNotifier is an app that can do just that. You will need a jailbroken iPhone for this to work so if yours is stock, move on to GPS spoofing. If you have a jailbroken phone, download the latest version from the web and install it. The download source changes periodically, so look for the BigBoss repo in Cydia to find the latest version.

One neat thing FMFNotifier does is notify you when someone is pinging your location. This gives you the opportunity to set a fake location or the real one depending on what you’re doing at the time. You can choose any location and even configure presets to send with a tap of an icon.

If you have a jailbroken phone and use Cydia, this is definitely the app you want to load if you’re subjected to Find My Friends!

Fake GPS Location

If your iPhone isn’t jailbroken, you cannot use FMFNotifier. You still have options though and Fake GPS Location is one of them. The app is legit and available on the App Store and allows you to manually set your location through GPS. It won’t notify you if someone is pinging your location like FMFNotifier does but does allow you to select a map and put a pin in it where you want to appear to be.

The app is $3.99 and includes in-app purchases and there are other apps on the App Store that do the same thing. I have tried Fake GPS Location on a friend’s phone and it seems to work well.

  1. Open the Fake GPS Location app.
  2. Give it time to download the map.
  3. Select a position on the map and elect to share that location.

As long as you’re not using WiFi at the time, Find My Friends should read the fake GPS coordinates and report your location where you set it. That way you can appear to be using the app as required while maintaining a semblance of privacy.

2 thoughts on “How To Fake your Location on Find My Friends”

willrideu00 says:
i dont think those apps work?
Keith Petron says:
I just cannot get this to work even with find my friends. I hav an iPhone 10. I have down loaded fake gps and it works but I don’t k is how to have it show up on find my friends or life 360

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