Where To Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading, Signing Up, or Paying

Posted by William Sattelberg on January 11, 2019

The age of digital streaming has made a lot of video content more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, that content is not always affordable. Back in the days of broadcast TV, it was true that there were only a few channels available, but they were all ad-supported and thus free at the point of use. Today there are numerous streaming service, but most of them want a monthly subscription fee. Although services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO all offer trials, it’s not actually possible to obtain those services for free for more than a month or so – and the subscription fees for paid streaming channels run anywhere from $7.99 to $14.99 a month.

There are lower-cost alternatives. RedBox, the 21st century equivalent of the video store, is still a thriving concern, with kiosks around the country offering a cheap way to rent DVDs, but not everyone is able to access those platforms, and the selection at RedBox is limited at best. There are torrenting sites that provide access to commercial movies and TV shows for free, but there come a ton of legal and ethical problems when looking for free streaming movies online. For one, streaming a movie for free through most websites means you’re breaking copyright law. Illegally streaming copyrighted material is covered under the Copyright Act of 1976, and allows for people caught pirating content to be fined anywhere between $750 to $30,000 per copyrighted work. And while this usually involves settlements and other deals worked out—along with a strike system that usually lets people stop pirating before they get fined officially—there are plenty of legal examples of pirates going bankrupt when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Believe us: you do not want to be one of these people.

However, there are alternatives to torrenting and the RedBox kiosk. There are many legal ad-supported streaming sites that are absolutely free, and while you may have to shop around to find the content you’re looking for, you can get a wealth of entertainment without having to pay anything other than a bit of your time for ads.

So here are our favorite ways to watch movies for free online without having to hand over your credit card. These are primarily ad-supported services, without any kind of hidden fees or charges.

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Saphire Lucas says:
Nothing let me in when I go to the darn thing it won’t let me like we don’t like that at all like u feel me they need to cut that OUT NOW
Loopy says:
Just a waste of internet space. I couldn’t get any of these to work. This is 20 minutes of my life I can’t get back
Ed Sheeran says:
You know what I’m talking bout
Tabetha Greathouse says:
Too much bs to go through to watch a movie
Etali says:
it won’t let me watch any of the sites
Ed Sheeran says:
I’m tired of fuckin bull shit web sites saying free shit well free shit my nuts

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