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Where's The Weather App On Samsung Note 4?

Where's The Weather App On Samsung Note 4?

Many Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners want to know where did the weather widget/app go? Android has a weather widget that shows the current weather conditions that is operated by Accuweather. But for some reason the Samsung Note 4 clock and weather widget is missing. It’s seems like the weather widget on the Note 4 has moved from the the home screen.
It could be that you deleted the weather app, and you’ll need to relocated. If you want to find the weather widget, you need to select on the clock to open the full screen mode showing the clock and weather app. You can quickly add the disappeared weather widget on the Samsung Note 4 by following the instructions below.

Place the weather app back on the Samsung Note 4
Go to the home screen and press and hold on the main key. Then the home screen will minimize and you’ll see a screen displaying different menu buttons to you. Next, select on the button “widgets”. Browse the different Galaxy Note 4 widget until you find the”Weather” widget.
Once you find the weather widget, press and hold the icon until it hovers and you can place the weather app on the home screen of the Samsung Note 4. You’ll know that the weather widget is showing up again when you see the “Accu Weather” icon on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 home screen. You should now know where the weather widget/app is on your Samsung smartphone.

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David Williams

May 20, 2016

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