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The 5 Coolest Computer Desks Ever

The 5 Coolest Computer Desks Ever

The sort of system you use for your computing needs speaks volumes about who you are as a person, but it’s not the only thing that does. One of the best ways to tell what sort of user someone is – aside from examining their system – is to simply look at their desk. Where you work and play is as telling as what you use to accomplish both ends.

This is especially true of people who primarily use their systems for gaming.

As gaming’s concerned, a badass computer desk can be as much a status symbol as the rig you play on it. Me, I don’t really have anything special: a ramshackle little three-shelved desk is where the magic happens, in my case.  Nothing special, right? Nothing at all like some of the items on this list, which make me positively green with envy (and might do the same for you). Submitted for your pleasure are five of the most incredible looking setups I’ve come across in my time on the ‘net.

The Steam Organ Cockpit

We’ll start with one of my personal favourites, designed by The Steampunk Workshop. I can only imagine what sitting at that computer must be like – as though you’ve just stepped into a Jules Verne novel, I’d imagine.

The Carbonite Desk

If, while watching Star Wars, you thought that Mr. Solo looked like a mighty fine conversation piece while encased in carbonite, feast your eyes on this beauty. Constructed of solid steel, this sturdy construction isn’t going to be buckling under the weight of your computer any time soon. If you’d love to have one of these built for yourself, call Tom Spina. Make sure you’ve got your credit card ready.

The Computer In A Desk

Feast your eyes on this ergonomic, water-cooled beauty. Posted by a user on this forum, it’s made completely of aluminum and glass with easily changeable hardware. Even better, it’s completely silent. Unfortunately, this was a custom design. I dunno if the user could be convinced to build it for someone else.

The Other Computer In A Desk

This air-cooled beauty is both compact and aesthetically pleasing. The specs unfortunately, weren’t provided but when you’re the sort of person who builds a desk like this…you don’t skimp on quality parts.

The Gaming Chair

While it’s technically a commercial product, I felt that this incredible set-up was at least worth a mention. Although it looks like someone combined a recliner with a movie theater seat, a drum kit, and an airport display monitor, you can’t deny how useful it could be. You’ve got little ‘platforms’ for pretty much everything you could possibly need while gaming, as well as a spot for your computer, your keyboard, and your mouse.

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Coolest Computer Desks Ever”

DOS_equis says:
Rich, to see an awesome wood computer desk/ case mod you should check this one out. It’s very cool!

MikeyM says:
I’ve always thought real wood was the total bomb for PC desks and the rise of particle-board computer desks the subsequent death in computer desk enjoyment.

I do plan on building my own desks for my PCs or modding the desks I already have.
New tools are a must too. My, what a fun project for me and my sons!

These desks pictured above are basically fantasy, but show me durability, tools, nice wood, and plans and I’ll be drooling.

Tyler Melton says:
I like the first computer in a desk.
Hukumat SEO says:
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Kerwin says:
Neat; I just use my knees or an airplane tray table :-).

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