How to Add the Sparkle Effect in TikTok

We live in anage of filters. First introduced by Snapchat, popularized by Instagram, and nowheavily utilized on TikTok, filters define the social media communication andpresence of many web users.

The filters are countless, really. There are those that can make you laugh, those that can make you cry, and a myriad of others. On TikTok, the filter that makes you look sparkly is very popular at the moment. Here’s how to add the sparkle effect on TikTok.

Adding the Sparkle Effect

Before movingon to adding the sparkle effect to your TikTok content, you first need to makesure that your app is up-to-date. Go to your device’s respective store app,find TikTok on the list, and see if there’s an update option. If not, your appis most likely up-to-date.

Now, start theTikTok app by tapping on its icon on your device’s desktop. Once the app is upand running, navigate to and tap the Plusicon. This will take you to the screen for creating a new video or pic.

At the bottom of the screen, towards the left, you’ll find the Effects icon. Tap it. If you aren’t on the Beauty tab, navigate to it. Then, start scrolling down until you get to “Bling”, a silver filter. Now, tap it, and the filter will be applied. You might run across a different filter called “Bling” that’s pink in color. Instead of sparkly diamonds, this filter features hearts. Pick whichever one you like and use it for your TikTok content.

add sparkle effect in tiktok

Using an App

There’s a longway around to get to the sparkle effect on TikTok. It doesn’t involve installinga new filter pack. No, this app will give you that bling, allow you to save thephoto on your phone, and then upload it to TikTok.

First of all, the Kirakira+ app isn’t free. But it’s definitely not too expensive, either. It allows you to use the bling filter and various other fresh options that can make your photos and videos look brilliant. Then, after taking a picture or video using this app, tweak them to your preference and save them to your device. Then, simply open the TikTok app and add the pic/video from your device’s camera roll.

sparkle effect in tiktok

The cool thing about using this app is that it’s very unique. The sparkle effect is available on TikTok, but the difference between TikTok’s filter and the options available with Kirakira+ is definitely notable. Give it a go and you’ll see people flocking to you, asking how to get that sparkle effect on their content.

Other Cool TikTok Filters

Yes, the sparkle effect is pretty neat and popular. However, there are various other available filters and effects on TikTok that are currently trendy. Why is it essential to follow these on TikTok? Because this social app is all about keeping up with the trends. It’s just the way it is. Anyway, here’s a cool little list of other popular filters to use.


This is a great filter that pretty much lets you choose the style of your recorded video. It enables you to emphasize the important parts of your photos, videos, as well as add various effects, music, even trim the videos.


Once you getused to using BeeCut, you’ll start wondering how you were able to use TikTokvideo. This neat tool gives you a wide choice of different video effects.Although these effects are more than decent, this isn’t all that BeeCut does.It enables you to add overlays, change aspect ratios, trim the videos, etc.


Yes, the veryessence behind social apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat is bringingshort, concise content for others to see. However, you may want to create avideo without a limit and still be able to edit it. Unlike most video editors,VideoShow doesn’t have a video duration limit. You can also use this program tosplit, merge, edit, rotate, duplicate, blur, as well as zoom your videos. A lotof useful tools in one place.


If simplicityis what you’re on the hunt for, fear not, Videoshop is here. This app is asstraightforward as they get. It gives you the option of adding music,subtitles, various sound effects, and of adjusting the video speed.

TikTok Sparkle Effect

There are twomain ways to add the sparkle effect to your TikTok videos. The simple oneincludes finding the sparkle effect from the list of effects. The morecomplicated method includes downloading a separate effects app. Whichever wayyou go, you now know how to add the sparkle effect to your videos.

Which methoddid you choose? How do you like the new sparkle effect on your TikTok content?Do you know of another way to achieve this effect? Don’t be a stranger! Hit usup in the comments section below and feel free to ask any TikTok related questions.

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