The Best 3D Games for Your Chromebook

Any day you receive a new piece of technology is an exciting one. Whether it’s a new phone, or a brand new gaming system that promises to keep you on your feet with new experiences and games like Bloodborne or The Witcher 3. Even new laptops for work or school can be exciting if you know what to do with them. If the newest gadget you’ve added to your arsenal is a Chromebook, you might be thinking you’re going to miss out on all the killer games and apps that users of Windows computers get to have. Sure, Steam doesn’t run on Chrome OS, and the computers are typically meant as low-power, entry level devices that make it easy to work on projects on the go without having to lug around a big expensive computer. Chrome OS is designed around productivity and ease of use, made to get you into a browser to check Facebook or Twitter and to watch a movie on Netflix, not for video editing or coding, and certainly not for gaming.

But modern Chromebooks have actually become alright for some casual games, as long as you’re willing to put up with some limitations and occasional glitches in playing games. The past year or so has been incredibly kind to the gaming market on Chrome OS too, since Google has slowly but surely been rolling out the Play Store through beta and stable channels to Chrome devices all over the world (in addition to shipping it on newer devices like the Chromebook Plus and Pro from Samsung and the Pixelbook from Google). A year ago, the most you could expect from a Chromebook gaming-wise was Flash-based games from the likes of Newgrounds, but thanks to the growing power of $300 to $400 Chromebooks and, more importantly, the addition of touchscreens and foldable hinges, it’s not too difficult to imagine playing some decent, mobile-ish games on the platform. The advantage, of course, to using a Chromebook over a mobile device, is the addition of a mouse and keyboard, allowing for some solid experiences while playing the game.

If you’re looking for a “console gaming” feel from your Chromebook, we’ve got good news for you. There are a ton of 3D, high-res games playable on your Chromebook that makes your device feel less like a business expense and more like something made for this generation. While not every game below is going to live up to the premise of Nier: Automata or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a decent selection of games on Chrome OS that can help you feel like a “real” gamer, even when you’re away from your consoles at home.

We’ve gathered a list of ten 3D games we had a blast playing on our test Chromebook devices, one with a touchscreen and one without a touchscreen. Both devices have access to the Google Play Store (as most modern Chrome OS devices do in some form), so we’ve included games from both the Play Store and the older Chrome Web Store for good measure. The Chrome Web Store is growing older and shutting down rather quickly for all platforms outside of Chrome OS, so we’ve included options from both marketplaces to be sure everyone can play. Some of these games might not work on your device if you don’t have the Google Play Store update on your Chromebook; you can check out the full list of compatible models here. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best 3D games you can play on your Chromebook today.

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Installing Steam on an Lenovo N23 with Linux (Beta) turned on.

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