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The 5 Best Alluc Alternatives In 2018

The 5 Best Alluc Alternatives In 2018

Through 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, Alluc was the go-to website for free streaming of television shows, movies, stand up comedy, and more.  They had built a rather impressive following and then abruptly announced that in March, 2018, they would be shutting down their site. Many of their viewers were devastated.  There had been a few sites up and doing the same thing Alluc was, but not many and none of them provided the extensive library that Alluc had access to. Over 2018, the industry has grown and several sites have now expanded their selections, genres, and streaming quality to attract all of the loyal viewers that Alluc had. Of the dozens of available services, however, which one is the best?

It’s hard to definitively say which service is the absolute best because many of them offer different genres and have varied features that separate them from one another; but after reviewing all of the best alternatives to Alluc in 2018, we have found the five that we believe best encapsulate the essence of what Alluc was, the offerings and selections they had, with the quality you have come to expect.  These are in no particular order, but have all been selected for what makes them unique in the marketplace.


1Channel is one of the more popular Alluc alternatives and has become so due to its wide selection of available genres.  Generally considered to be one of the safer alternatives (in terms of content being free of viruses and malware), 1Channel allows viewers to stream your favorite movies and shows with the peace of mind of knowing that the only Trojan Horse is the one in Troy and not in your television.

Admittedly, the user interface is not the smoothest.  Without a dedicated genre-based library, users options for scanning movies quickly are “Just Added” and “Featured Movies,” leaving you with the search bar for most of your movie hunting.  Not a huge drawback, but for those days when you don’t really know what you want to watch, it makes things a little more complicated. What is nice about the interface though, is that when you are browsing through movies, it provides you with a brief movie synopsis at the top of the page, so you can get some idea of what you are getting yourself into instead of loading up Ben Affleck’s “Paycheck” thinking that you are watching a movie about going to the bank each Friday.

Watch Here: 1 Channel

Tubi Film

Providing free access to one of the larger libraries currently available, Tubi Film is slowing starting a rise to be considered the best replacement service for Alluc.  Among its unique offerings are a collection of genres that are more difficult to find. Any service will load up and let you find the latest James Bond or Marvel movie, but those are hardly appropriate for your toddler while you are trying to clean the kitchen.  Tubi Film provides access to preschool friendly movies and tv shows. Other unique genres include Indie films and stand up comedy routines.

One of Tubi Film’s other benefits is the professional and streamlined look of their webpage.  While this may seem like a minor detail, it makes their entire service more straightforward and user friendly.  You have the option to register your account (not required to watch movies) to their website and receive additional benefits that a typical user would not.

The last thing we want to mention about Tubi Film is that their service also provides users the ability to watch movies in high definition.  For a streaming service to have the resources and availability to offer a HD experience is significant and for that reason alone may be among the top if not the top competitor to replace Alluc as the movie/television streaming king.

Watch Here: Tubi

Los Movies

Perhaps one of the more organized streaming services available, Los Movies offers their users the ability to filter their movies in more ways than any other streaming service.  You want to see all the new releases? Great, that will be on the main page. You want to filter by genre to separate the family friendly from the recent action movies? No problem – there’s a tab for that.  

Maybe you want to pull up every movie ever directed by Ron Howard – there’s a tab for that too.  Or perhaps you are just a huge Sean Connery fan (who isn’t?) and you want to see everything from James Bond to First Knight to Indiana Jones on a single page and spend a weekend listening to your favorite Scottish accent (sorry Gerard Butler) without having to search for each movie individually – Los Movies has you covered.  With more search/filter options than any other service in the industry, Los Movies is set up to help you find exactly what you’re searching for as fast as possible.

In addition to the filtering – Los Movies also is a service that offers some of the widest options for subtitles. In addition to the traditional English, Spanish, and French subtitles, Los Movies also has some options for much less common subtitle languages like Romanian or Hungarian.

The downside to Los Movies is that there are some issues with the website/interface.  Not every link always works all of the time and many movie descriptions are incomplete or occasionally just incorrect.  If you know the movies you are looking for and want to get them all on one page – Los Movies may be the best Alluc replacement.  If you’re looking to get your movies with an obscure subtitle – Los Movies may be the best Alluc replacement. If you don’t fit into one of those two categories, you may be better served by selecting one of the other services on our list.

Watch Here: Los Movies


Popcornflix offers the smallest library selection of the services we reviewed, but they have the benefit of all being sourced from the Screen Media Library.  They offer a wide selection of movie eras and genres and like 1Channel have a focus on the security of their source material to ensure your devices aren’t on the receiving end of a nasty infection.

Perhaps one of the more unique things that Popcornflix brings to the streaming table are some of their high quality documentaries.  While most services are solely focused on fiction movies designed to take us to another world, Popcornflix is making a dedicated effort to help us better understand the world in which we live.  This is something that no one else can really boast about and that one feature alone brings Popcornflix into our top five with ease.

Watch Here: Popcornflix


Perhaps the site that has dedicated itself to being the most like Alluc, Movie4K is becoming the go-to replacement for most users.  In addition to title and genre, Movie4K also reveals the rating, the IMDB profile, release date, and cast of every movie in its library.  Sometimes you just need that little extra guarantee that you’re watching the 2001 release of Planet of the Apes instead of the 1968 edition (or vice versa).

Each video also allows for comments underneath.  If you are on the fence about whether or not a movie is family friendly or something you would enjoy: read the comments.  Perhaps other users are answering your questions for you and you can save yourself the time of watching half a movie only to turn it off when you realize your six year old is seeing a lot more than you bargained for.

Perhaps the best overall service in the vacuum left by Alluc, Movies4K offers all of the filters and benefits that Alluc users came to expect and it does it in smooth, clear, streaming.

Watch Here: Movie4K


Any of these five Alluc alternatives are solid choices in 2018 with some having some more specialized features than others.  If you loved Alluc and are just looking for the best alternative and don’t have anything unconventional you are looking for, Movies4K and Tubi Film are the best places to start!

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