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Best Car Charger For iPhone 5s & iPhone 5

Best Car Charger For iPhone 5s & iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 battery always running out after a few hours of use, it’s important to have a good car charger that will allow you to keep your iPhone full of power and working when your on the go. Some car chargers for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s can be expensive if purchasing the entire set. There are many different car chargers on the market and we’ve created a list of the best car charger for iPhone 5s and best car charger for iPhone 5.

Somehow, iPhone 5/5s car chargers seem to be quite costly. The lightning dock looks like the culprit and if you’re looking for an authentic, complete set from the big guys, you’re looking at shelling out anywhere between $25 and $40.

The best option for those already owning a lighting cable for your iPhone is to just buy the car adaptor that has a USB connection so you can connect your lighting cable to the charger to save money. Another option is to buy an one piece car charger that has the lighting cable already attached to the car adaptor. (Here is a list of Best iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Car Chargers)

Our list consist of high-quality brand name iPhone accessories producers with links on where to go to buy these wonderful car chargers for your iPhones.

Here is a list of the best car charger for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 and listed prices here with all the information:



The Incase’s mini car charger for the iPhone 5/5s retails at $20.11 on the Amazon Store. It comes with the charging device and the lightning cable so that explains the price. Incase’s mini car charger is great for the price. The dock has a 2.1Amp rating that means more power and faster charging.

Price: $20.11. Buy it from



The first third-party manufacturer to produce a lightning-compatible car charger for the iPhone and the iPad was Belkin. The charger is a standard model with no extra features on it. One of the best out there, the Belkin iPhone 5/5s Car Charger (or better known as the Belkin Lightning Car Charger) costs $17.99 on the Amazon website

Price: $17.99. Buy it from


Griffin Lightning Connector Cables

Griffin sells a small lighting connector cable for a great price at $16.99 that connects USB-to-lightning cable. These are compatible with almost all USB-car chargers that have a powerful USB port. It features a 2.1 Amp for faster charging and compatibility.

Price: $20.71. 
Buy it from


Just Mobile Highway Duo

Just Mobile Highway Duo is a special, dual-port in-car charger. The aluminum-head has a USB port so you can charge other gadgets too. This is useful if you’ve got other (older) iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones. The total output is rated at 2.1Amp rating that means more power and faster charging for your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Price: $37.95.  
Buy it from





Best Car Charger For iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

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