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The Best Female Streamers on Twitch in 2020

The Best Female Streamers on Twitch in 2020

If you pay any attention to the livestreaming community online, you’ve heard of Twitch. Originally created as a spin-off from, Twitch (or originally focused on just gaming, with streams of competitive and single player games, including titles like League of LegendsMinecraftDotA 2, and more. After the gaming service started to overshadow the original, Twitch became the sole focus of the company in 2014, and that same year, the website was sold to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars. Since then, Twitch has become home to streamers of all types, from professional gamers to podcasters, charity streams to speedrunning, and even non-gaming content like food, creative, and “IRL” streams that add more flexibility to streams.

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that a big percentage of streamers on Twitch are male. It can be hard for women to break into the streaming game for many reasons; the top ten streamers on Twitch by followers are all male, and a study from 2016 found that women only made up around one-third of Twitch’s streamer base. From harassment problems to the classic “camgirl” insult, there are a multitude of reasons why women either find it difficult to find an audience, or dislike streaming altogether. While it’s definitely possible to find popular streamers through Twitch, when most of the well-known users are male, it can be difficult to branch out to different kinds of streams, especially those led by women.

We’ve done our best to sort through the site to find some incredible gamers and streamers that people should be watching on Twitch. Whether you’re looking to support women on Twitch to help their audience grow, or you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands and you’re looking for new content, these are some of the best female streamers on Twitch today, organized in alphabetical order.

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