The Best Free E-mail Services in 2017

Free email services are still incredibly popular despite the internet and our habits having changed immensely over the past decade or so. With Google and Hotmail dominating free email, what are the best free email services in 2017? Is it still the three incumbents ruling the roost or are other email services offering more?

If you don’t need a disposable email address but don’t want to buy a domain to host your own a free email service is your best bet. You can create as many addresses as you can manage, they are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and are about as easy as email gets.

There is a cost to using email services, just not a financial one. The contents of your emails are scanned and used to advertise to you, you are tracked while using your email account and anonymized data is then used for more marketing and for analytics. Remember, if a product is free, you are the product. Gmail recently said it will no longer scan emails but the other free email services have said no such thing.

Free email services in 2017

Here are some of the best free email services in 2017.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook took over from Hotmail and has continued the free email service since then. It looks and feels just like Office or Office 365, so will be instantly familiar to many of us. The service is reliable, fast and free. The new look interface is up for more upgrades over the coming months to further improve the service.

With OneDrive, Skype, MSN, Word reader, Excel reader and other tools as part of the service, it is very hard to beat.


Gmail apparently has over 1.2 billion users across the world and shows no sign of slowing down. The email tool is slick with a very simple interface and 15GB of storage. It comes with Google Drive for combined storage and links with Google Docs and most other free Google services. The UI isn’t quite as polished as Outlook but the quality of service is hard to criticize.


Yahoo is another longstanding free email service that has stood the test of time. It is falling a little behind in terms of looks and integration with other tools but it is hard to ignore the reliability and capability of the email. With up to 1TB of free storage and Yahoo Messenger, it is as much as many people need in free email. Plus, the SMS messaging feature can prove useful at times too.

If you are concerned with security, you may want to give Yahoo a miss.

Zoho Mail

Compared to the top three, Zoho Mail is a relative newcomer having only been around for 9 years. It is a pure email service that offers both free and premium email. The free version is not ad-funded so offers a little more privacy than the others but with less storage and smaller attachment limitations. Aside from that the email service is reliable, easy to use and does everything the others do.

AOL Mail

I didn’t even know AOL Mail still existed until I was polling people about their favorite email service. It has been going since the earliest days of the internet and is still offering reliable email for free. Having been bought by Verizon this year, the service should receive continued investment as the company shifts its own mail to AOL. The UI is simple and effective and as long as you don’t mind people thinking you’re stuck in 1994, AOL is a worthy free email service to use.


ProtonMail is more for the security conscious than those who demand ease of use. It isn’t quite as straightforward to use as these others but offers much higher levels of security. ProtonMail offers secure, end to end encryption, secure mailboxes, its own mail app and web access. There is also a dual authentication option too for maximum security. As a mail client, it is free, looks good and offers storage and email at no cost. It is based in Switzerland too so no NSA snooping either!

GMX Email

GMX Email is based in Germany and offers free email services worldwide. Owned by United Internet, one of Germany’s largest ISPs, the service is reliable, fast and easy to use. It isn’t as large as some other outfits but still offers 1GB of storage, 50MB attachments, secure logins and a mobile app. The UI is clean and easy to navigate and while not as well-known as Gmail or Outlook, is a very credible free email service.

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