How To Fake your Location on Life360

Posted by Jamie on February 20, 2019

Life360 is one of the most popular spying, family monitoring apps in the world. Designed for families, this app provides real time location tracking on your phone. It uses your phone’s GPS to locate you wherever you are and report back. But it isn’t foolproof. This tutorial is going to show you two ways to fake your location on Life360.

In theory, Life360 is a great idea. If you have family with special needs or cognitive difficulties, they can have more freedom than usual by using Life360. If you have young children, you can set your mind at ease and allow them to roam freely with this app. The Crash Detection and Emergency Response feature sounds good and seems a bit like OnStar so it isn’t all bad.

However, from what I have heard from people who have used Life360, the majority of those who install this app do it because of their own trust issues, not to provide more freedom for their loved ones.


Life360 is an app for iPhone and Android. You, your parent or guardian installs the app on a phone, locks it down and then can track wherever the phone is using an app dashboard. The app uses the phone GPS to work out where it is in the world at any time day or night. The app can also use WiFi to narrow down the position for a more exact location.

The app is free and contains in-app purchases and works on both phone OS. Reviews are good and while I didn’t spend much time with it while testing, seems well designed and easy to use.

While the main app is free, those purchases can soon rack up. Life360 Plus is an extra $2.99, Life360 Driver Protect is $69.99 and Life360 Premium is $4.99, you get the idea. So while you’re hooked with a free app, as soon as you want to expand on it, the price grows significantly.

Fake your location on Life360

There are two ways I know of to fake your location on Life360. One is to use a burner and leave your main phone at home or with a trusted friend and the other is to spoof your GPS and use a VPN.

The first method needs little explaining. If you really don’t want to be tracked, buy a burner from a drug store and give your main phone to someone you trust or leave it at home. Life360 includes periodic text messages that your family may send to check up on you so if you leave your phone with someone, you need to allow them access to your phone to answer them.

Otherwise, you can just say you left your phone at home or at school/college/wherever when you need to escape for a while.

That method isn’t perfect as you can only get away with it occasionally. If you want to escape more often, your best bet is to use GPS spoofing and a VPN. A GPS spoofing app allows you to change the data your phone GPS reports to other apps and manually set your location. A VPN can prevent the WiFi portion of Life360 from reporting accurately and undoing your hard work.

If you use Android, you will need Developer Options enabled as the GPS app will need permission to change your location. Go to Settings. Select About Phone and tap your Build Number seven times to enable. You should see a message that says ‘You are now a developer!’ if it worked.


  1. Download an app like Fake GPS Free for Android or Fake GPS Location! for iPhone. Other apps are available and are likely equally as good so choose whatever app you like.
  2. Allow it to access location and provide it the permissions it needs.
  3. Enable the app to provide a bogus GPS location.

As Life360 primarily uses GPS to provide your location, this should be enough to fool it. There is a WiFi element to tracking in the app too so you could use a VPN for that. A VPN is essential for phone security so you have the perfect excuse to install one on your phone. You can then set the VPN endpoint to the closest server to your location and let Life360 do what it wants with that information.

On its own, a VPN does not fake your location on Life360. It merely prevents the app from securing an IP address from your carrier that can be identified by the app. Endpoint servers are usually identified by city, so unless you’re going far it won’t help with location, just with preventing your location being identified.

Keep an eye on the Life360 website to check for updates that might work around GPS spoofing. There is nothing on there right now but apps change all the time so don’t take anything for granted. Especially if you don’t want to be found out!

Know of any other ways to fake your location on Life360? Tell us about them below if you do!

2 thoughts on “How To Fake your Location on Life360”

ThaiGirlSlayer says:
If your going to do option #1 you might as well use one of your “old” iPhones and use that as your “burner”. If you enable iCloud, you can still respond to text messages from where ever you are. No need to do the whole trusted-friend thing.
Keith Petron says:
The fake gps is not showing on life 360 or find a friend. Any advice?

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