Best iPhone Meditation Apps

Posted by Kale Havervold on July 18, 2016

We all strive to relax and have less worry in our lives. However, it is often easier said than done. Maybe striving to relax is where we went wrong. Or maybe it’s just that we get busy in our lives with work, hobbies, friends, and everything else.

Sometimes it’s more than worth it to take a step back from your stressful life and meditate. There are many proven benefits of meditation.  In only a few minutes a day, you can drastically improve your mood in a positive way.

Now, thanks to the rise in technology, there are more meditation and relaxation tools available than ever before. Here are a handful of different apps that will help you in your meditation journey.

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If you are a bit of a skeptic about the whole "meditation thing," this app is for you. Headspace is a British app that is extremely straightforward and honest with its approach. The spoken-word exercises in the app run about 10 minutes and address a bunch of different themes including focus and performance. The app comes with a free 10-session pack of meditations, but if you want more after that, you must pay a subscription fee.

If you need to work being less high-strung and calm down in your life, this app is for you. Calm is an app that starts you on a seven-day training program. This is a great way to accustom yourself to meditation. You can choose the length of the session, what sounds you hear, and even what kind of visual stimulation you will see. You can also go through both unguided and guided sessions. The app is free, but if you pay the subscription fee, it opens up the option for a 21-day program.

This app differs from most in that it was originally designed for children and young people, though plenty of adults use it too. The programs in this app are divided by age so everyone has personalized sessions. While we mainly think of adults being stressed out, children deal with a ton of stress as well, and this app is perfect for them. The app is extremely easy to use, completely and totally free, and can potentially be a big help for children who are going through emotional issues.

This is a different sort of app that can connect you with professional services near you. This app is perfect if you want to locate a yoga studio, salon, massage therapist, or fitness classes. You can browse the different ones in your area, read reviews on them, and even book appointments directly through the app. The app can also help you manage your schedule of appointments easily and, if you use a Fitbit, the app will even help track your health and fitness as well.

This app is great if you don't want structured meditation sessions, but just want some relaxing sounds. Relax Melodies is home to a wide variety of calming and soothing sounds and white noise to help you relax. Whether you want help sleeping, or some nice relaxing music while you work or study, this app can help you out. There is even a "mix" option that lets you customize the sounds and music to your liking.

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