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How to Tell if Someone Read Your Message in Viber

How to Tell if Someone Read Your Message in Viber

Most social apps and messaging platforms allow users to easily see if the recipient of a message has read it. For example, Messenger notifies you with ‘seen’ at the bottom of the chat when someone opens a message that you sent them. On WhatsApp, two blue checkmarks next to the message indicate that it has been read.

But what about Viber? Does Viber notify you when someone reads your message?

If you’ve used Viber, you know that it also has a ‘seen’ option, but this doesn’t appear every time you chat with somebody. This is because Viber offers you the option to toggle it on or off so that you can have more control over your in-app experience.

If you want to know if someone has read your message or not, first you need to make sure that you turned on all the necessary options. Let’s take a look at how to tell if someone read your message in Viber.

How to Tell if Someone Read Your Message in Viber

When you’re messaging someone on Viber, you will notice different icons that represent the delivery status of your message.

Depending on the status of the message, you’ll either see one checkmark, two checkmarks, or two purple checkmarks next to the message.

One checkmark: This means that the message is still sending. When you send your message, this icon will appear right away and will be replaced with a ‘delivered’ notification soon after.

viber tell if someone read your meesage

Sometimes the message won’t say ‘delivered,’ and the app will send you an alert if it fails to deliver the message. This can happen in various situations, for example:

  1. The recipient’s phone doesn’t have Internet access.
  2. The recipient’s phone is off.
  3. The recipient removed the Viber app from their phone, or the app doesn’t work/is turned off.

Two checkmarks: This indicates that the message is delivered. This appears once the message is delivered to your recipient’s phone.

viber how to tell if someone read my meesage

Two purple checkmarks: This means that the message is seen. When a Viber user opens your message, it will automatically be marked as seen. A ‘seen’ text will appear at the bottom of your chat window.

viber have someone read your meesage

So, two purple checkmarks and a ‘seen’ alert mean that someone read your message. However, there are instances where a recipient can read a message without Viber sending you any information about it.

Turning Read Receipts on in Viber

If you or the message recipient don’t have your online or seen status on, you won’t know if they read your message. If there’s no ‘seen’ status in any of your Viber conversations, you should check if you turned the option off.

Follow these steps to check whether this setting is on or off:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. In the bottom right corner, tap on the More icon (three horizontal lines and a blue-white circle).
  3. Scroll through the options and tap Settings.
    viber have someone read my meesage
  4. Tap on Privacy.
  5. Check if Send seen status is turned on. If it isn’t, tap on it to turn it on.

If your seen status is turned on, you should receive ‘seen’ alerts at the bottom of the conversation.

If after making sure your read receipts are turned on you still notice that notifications aren’t appearing in certain conversations, then chances are your contacts have their read receipts turned off.

There is nothing you can do when your friend turns off their seen status, except politely asking them to turn it back on. Otherwise, there won’t be any read receipts when you chat with that person.

Read Messages via Notifications

If the recipient received your message but you didn’t get a ‘seen’ message, they may not have turned off their read receipts; instead, they might have simply read your message via a notification.

When a user turns on message previews in their notifications, they will be able to read a portion of the message without opening the Viber app. In this case, you won’t receive a ‘seen’ notification.

If you want to enable notifications, here is what you should do:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. Tap the More icon again.
  3. Open Settings.
  4. Tap on Notifications (the bell icon).
    viber how to tell if someone read your message
  5. Switch the Show message preview toggle on.

Now you will also be able to see a portion of the message without having to open the application. This is useful if you want to leave your seen status enabled, but you don’t always want to notify the sender right away.

Editing or Deleting a Message in Viber

Sometimes you can edit or delete a message you sent before it is seen. Here’s how you can delete a message:

  1. Tap and hold the message.
  2. Choose Delete for everyone.
    viber tell if someone read my message

To edit a message, you should:

  1. Tap on the message and hold.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Modify the body of the text.
  4. Tap the checkmark to finish.

If you haven’t received a ‘seen’ status before you deleted or modified the message, there is a chance that the recipient didn’t see its primary content.

Final Thoughts

Viber is a great app to socialize and share content with your friends. Like any other messaging app, many of Viber’s users want to know whether or not they can see when someone reads their message.

Unfortunately, with all the options to customize your online and seen status in Viber, you can never know if a recipient really didn’t see a message. Maybe the recipient just didn’t toggle on their ‘seen’ status, or they saw the message via notification preview. Don’t jump to any conclusions based on the status alone.

Did you find this article helpful?

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KSO says:
We use viber group chat for work to communicate. As i am the super admin, i cannot see if theyve read it already or i cannot see whoever has liked the message.

What settings should be adjusted from my phone and theirs?


TLSp says:
Will i see a “seen or “ last seen “ if the Viber user opens Viber chat window but didn’t open my message thread?
Vithanage says:
I need to know whether when some one receives a viber message, automatically the last seen to come as “online” and then after some time it to disappear. But actually the recipient has not opened nor read it. Please tell how it is done

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