The 5 Best Lightweight Antivirus for Your PC or Laptop [November 2019]

Posted by Arch on November 14, 2019
Best Lightweight Antivirus

A good antivirus is a must-have for your computer, whether you’re running Windows or Mac OS. Though both operating systems have stepped up in recent years to improve how they protect your data from incoming viruses and attacks, you can’t be too careful when it comes to your PC. You’ve probably heard about popular options like Kaspersky Antivirus or Nod32. Like most antiviruses, they protect your system from harmful intruders and corrupted data. If you don’t secure your system well, you are prone to attacks that can cause you a lot of trouble.

These antivirus programs are reliable and have a good reputation, but they also eat up a lot of your system’s resources. This can hamper your device’s performance, eat up your RAM, and cause everything to run slower.

Luckily, there are various reputable antivirus programs that are much lighter. Most of them are completely free and good enough to keep your home or small business network completely secured. This article will list the top five antivirus programs that will protect your computer without slowing it down.

4 thoughts on “The 5 Best Lightweight Antivirus for Your PC or Laptop [November 2019]”

emz says:
Damn it guys, I’ve used free version of Avira, Avast and Bitdefender.
All cause pain and lag to my PC. Avira is somewhat better between these.
The aren’t even close to what lightweight is. I had to uninstall Paid BitDefender Total Security Antivirus just to run my PC smoothly.
Jimbo Smokie says:
Dily Dily! Bit Defender is awful in the latest version I bought. It is FAR from light! I love that AV, but this year it is just atrocious. I know they recently had an update, but it is too early to see much difference. I Will know in a few weeks. I just do not use all of my PC’s much. I have too many.
Glenn says:
How did you get on?
Spyros says:
You are probably joking about Bitdefender as a light antivirus…
Heru says:
I tried Avast and Avira, they both not as light as they said. Every article about lightweight antivirus mention them as lightweight, but maybe the writer never using (testing) the antivirus for days (without reboot) and see how much ram they consume.
elise says:
Yes, that’s right. However, the Free version is lighter, even lighter than Avast.
DanK says:
Avast and AVG are owned by the same company. They look and act almost the same.

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