The Best Places to Watch Free Movies Online

We all know where to go to get free movies from less than legal sources but what about if you want to stay on the right side of the law? Are there places to watch movies from less than a hundred years ago or B-movies for free without having to sign away our personal details? There are some places where you can legally watch free movies and I list some of them here.

They won’t be new releases and they won’t be from within the last couple of years but there are a few places to watch movies without having to pay. You may have to sit through ads but the movies are still free.


Crackle or Sony Crackle to give it it’s full name. As it is owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle has access to quite the range of movies and TV shows. Most of the titles are a few years old but they will be recognizable and feature actors you may have heard of. The service itself is very good with HD playback, good quality audio, fast search and a decent browser. The movies play in the browser and the entire experience is a good one.

What’s more, while you can create an account and sign in, you don’t have to. Select a title, hit play and the movies starts playing right away. It’s a refreshing change from the millions of services that demand an account before letting you in.


I originally thought Popcornflix was an app for watching copyrighted content but it is actually a legit web app for legally watching free movies. Again, they aren’t going to be new movies or anything just out of the theater but the majority are Hollywood releases and feature actors we have heard of.

The app is clean and makes it easy to find something to watch. There is a good mix of major and minor releases and some I had never heard of. Regardless of their pedigree, the sheer number of movies on here makes it well worth checking out.


YouTube has more movies than I thought it would. There are the usual clips and highlights but also free movies too. Some are older, some in black and white, some are public domain movies that are out of copyright. If you like the classics or want to look back at the heyday of Hollywood, this is a great place to go.

You know YouTube, you know how it works so I won’t repeat myself here. Just search for movies, public domain movies or words to that effect. I think you might be surprised at just what comes up.


Vudu, aside from being a neat play on words, is a free movie site that works similarly to Crackle. It offers legit access to free movies online. It’s a decent site with a good range of movies from big releases to minor ones. All from a few years ago but played in HD with good audio.

The website is easy to navigate and find something to watch. It doesn’t require a login either. Find a movie, hit play and sit back and enjoy. It does play ads but they aren’t too intrusive. Overall it’s a good option.

IMDb Freedive

IMDb Freedive is a bunch of free movies from that repository of movie trivia, IMDb. As it is owned by Amazon, it has access to a huge selection of movies from yesteryear with some big names spread liberally around its catalog. It isn’t the easiest website to navigate but as it’s part of IMDb, if you use that, this will be instantly familiar.

As well as movies, there are also TV shows like Heroes, Fringe, Kitchen Nightmares and others which is a bonus. You do need to sign in or create an account to watch though which is a mark against the service but aside from that, it’s all free.


SnagFilms is my final offering for the best sites to legally watch free movies. It has a huge selection of TV shows and movies from around the world. It concentrates more on bringing movies from the periphery of the movie industry rather than mainstream so expect to see a bunch of titles you have never heard of, but the volume of content is huge.

The site is simple to use, works well and where possible, playback is in HD. Some of the older movies obviously won’t be HD but quality is still good whatever the age. There are hundreds, if not thousands of movies on here so it’s well worth checking out.

Know of other sites to legally watch free movies? Tell us about them below if you do!

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Avatar Everett says:
For all these free sites, would be nice if I could easily save them on my hard drive. Implied there are apps with Kodi that make this possible. I have a Big Dropbox space. With just Fire TV Stick are there local archive methods? Thanks

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