The Best Private Trackers [July 2019]

If you have ever downloaded torrents from public trackers, you’re familiar with the issues that might crop up. First, there’s a chance that a torrent doesn’t have enough uploaders, which makes it too slow to be of use. Second, these torrents are often unreliable and may contain malware. And lastly, it can be challenging to find the specific content you need.

With private trackers, you won’t have these problems. Due to heavy moderation, there is rarely a shortage of uploaders. The torrents you can download are fast and reliable, and they allow you to get to obscure content you won’t find anywhere else.

Private trackers usually focus only on one type of content. But becoming a part of a private tracker is easier said than done.

Here are five of the best current private trackers around. Maybe you’ll get lucky and become a member of one of them.

1. Bibliotik

Bibliotik is a private torrent site dedicated to books. It has a huge database with over 300,000 titles all in a high-quality EPUB format. You may find some niche books here that you can’t locate on public trackers. Most of the e-books are top-quality, and they are compatible with Kindle a wide range of reading apps.

The tracker has a solid database of over 7,000 active users at any time and it has been online without any major interruptions since 2009. The main problem is that this private tracker is difficult to access. Invites for members are often permitted and you need to be recruited from some other tracker, such as baconBits or PTP.


2. PassThePopcorn

Movies are among the most often torrented files on the internet, but you’ll have a hard time finding some less popular or older gems on public torrents.

That’s why PassThePopcorn is so influential. It has a database that dwarfs even legit streaming services like Netflix, with around 400,000 torrents of different movies from all genres and eras. If you ever become a member of this tracker, you’ll get to enjoy the largest movie database on the internet.

It used to have a limit of 35,000 users, but after some other private trackers were seized and shut down by the authorities, PassThePopcorn limited its user number to 30,000. If you’re inactive, the tracker administrators will remove you from the website. Every month, there are a few hundred vacant spots due to account deletion, but they get filled immediately.

3. Gazelle Games

Gazelle Games is the most popular private gaming tracker. Usually, gaming trackers last just a few years and then disappear, but this tracker has been around since 2010.

It has over 65,000 games, all sorted by genre, platform, and release date. Here you’ll find some of the most popular games for Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, as well as more obscure Linux titles.  You can also apply with a request, and if any users have the game on their drive, they will upload it to the torrent website.

The website calculates your rating by the total megabytes that you’ve uploaded, and if you’re inactive, your account will be deleted. This way, the website ensures that all torrented files have enough seeders and are available at any time.

At the moment, this private tracker has over 15,000 users, which makes it the biggest private gaming tracker around. Unfortunately, user applications are usually closed, so you will either need to get invited or wait for applications to open again.


4. Redacted

Redacted is a music website that has over one million torrents. On this tracker, you can find singles, albums, and discographies spanning from classical music to throat-singing compilations, up to the newest pop releases.

Since What.CD was taken down, Redacted became the most popular music tracker on the internet. It is still relatively new, but it already has a user base of 30,000 active users and an ever-growing torrent database.

There are two ways to join this private tracker – either you get an invite from one of the current users, or you pass the website’s interview. The interviews are conducted on an internet relay chat (IRC) and contain serious question about transcoding and related concepts.

However, if you ever become a member of this tracker, you are settled with music for a long time.

5. BroadcastTheNet

BroadcastTheNet has a massive database of TV show torrents. Unlike public trackers, where you might not be able to download older shows due to a lack of seeders, this one keeps all your old-school flicks active.

From this tracker, you won’t have any problems downloading television classics from the first to the last episode, as well as recent hit series.

As of now, there are over 200,000 TV series torrents and around 35,000 active users. However, it is almost impossible to get an invite. If you ever do get in, you’ll find a database larger then Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon combined.

Private Trackers – Public Issues

Before you start browsing for private tracker invites online, you should keep in mind that almost all of these websites are branded as illegal in most countries. This is because most private trackers distribute copyrighted material, and downloading it can get you into legal trouble.

So, if you really want to use a private tracker, you should definitely get a reliable and secure virtual private network (VPN), and hide your IP address.

Do you know any other private trackers? If you have any interesting tracker recommendations, or advice on how to get invited to those mentioned, leave a comment in the section below.

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