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Best Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Accessories To Buy

Best Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Accessories To Buy

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge was unveiled by Samsung during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain several months ago. With the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 completely redesigned and new features, you may not have gotten everything you wanted that came with the box.

The good news it that these missing items can be fixed by using the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with the best accessories list that we have written for you. Below we have a large variety of the best Galaxy S6 accessories that you need to own now to make your overall experience with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge that much better.


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Incipio Offgrid Portable Backup Battery


One big problem with the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is that it doesn’t have a removable battery. A great alternative would be to purchase a external battery pack. This is one of the best Galaxy S6 accessories to buy since it has a single USB port with a 2.1A output. The Offgrid comes in several different colors and allows for you to personalize and make it one of the best accessories for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It also has a power button and four LEDs to give you a rough idea of the remaining power.

Price: $65.94. Buy it from


Poweradd Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick


Ever since the front facing camera, the selfie concept has gotten very popular. For those that travel a lot and take pictures, this is the Galaxy S6 accessory for traveling. This selfie stick works with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other Galaxy models as well. This selfie stick extends to 80 cm (about 31 inches). This selfie stick ships with a USB charging cable and wrist strap.

Price: $19.99. Buy it from


EnGive Galaxy S6 Car Mount


Daily commuters that travel in the car a lot need to purchase a Galaxy S6 car mount. One of the best Galaxy S6 accessories to buy to be safe is the car mount from EnGive that can be mounted from your windshield. You can also mount the phone to your car’s dashboard, if that is more convenient. A suction cup with lock clip ensures that this car mount will stay in place.

Price: $14.99. Buy it from


SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive


One of the new design changes on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is that SD card slot has been removed. A great way to add memory to the Galaxy S6 is to use the USB OTG cable with an external storage pack. It plugs directly into your Galaxy S6’s Micro USB port and there’s a standard USB 2.0 port at the other end, making it ideal for backups and file transfers. Read this guide on how to add more memory to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Price: $29.19. Buy it from


Samsung HM1900 Bluetooth Headset


Some people like to purchase accessories that are only from the manufacture of the smartphone. The Samsung HM1900 offers automatic pairing, built-in voice prompts, and both noise reduction and echo cancellation technology with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. With new laws requiring  hands-free cell phone for drivers, owning a Bluetooth headset is smart way to avoid getting a ticket.

Price: $19.99. Buy it from


Samsung Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung has introduced a great way to be able to wireless charge the Galaxy S6. If you don’t already own a wireless charging pad, owning the Galaxy S6 makes it time to go purchase one. This official charger from Samsung is a great unit to start with because it has built-in overcharge protection. This charging solution will help eliminate chargers and cables that always get wired together.

Price: $65.00. Buy it from



Kristall Liquid Screen Protector


To help protect your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge screen from becoming full of scratches think about buying a screen protector. In most cases it’s hard to fit the screen protecter without bubbling, or specks of dust geting trapped underneath. But the Kristall screen protector features liquid that you apply with a pad and it dries to a hardness rating of 9H which matches the top screen protectors on the market.

Price: $10.99. Buy it from


FosPower POWERACTIVE 9000mAh Waterproof Shockproof Power Bank


Some external batteries need to be covered and made sure not to get wet. But the FosPower external power is waterproof and is one of the best Galaxy S6 accessories for outdoor activities. It has a 9000mAh battery, which is enough to recharge the Galaxy S6 three times, with a bit of extra power left over.

Also, this portable power back has a built-in compass, an LED flashlight, and carabiner to make it easy to clip this accessory to a bag. If you love the great outdoors, this is a power accessory that will stand up to your active lifestyle.

Price: $32.99. Buy it from




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