The Best Undetectable Ad Blockers [January 2020]

Ads have been around since forever, but we still haven’t got used to them. They’ll probably never become less annoying – from well-known pop-ups to those flashing videos playing before you even realize where the sound is coming from.

Ad blockers are life-savers for most websites and most ads, but it seems there isn’t a perfect and undetectable one. However, there are some great ad blockers that can make your browsing experience more pleasant – and save your nerves! Here they are.


This one is certainly among the most popular ad blockers out there. You can install it on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers – and it’s free. So is the Premium version, which is a bit of an upgrade, while you need to pay for the latest edition – AdBlock Premium Gold.

With AdBlock, you won’t be seeing pop-ups anymore, as well as other irritating ads on the websites you visit. If you can’t stand YouTube ads, this extension might be right for you because it blocks them as well.

AdBlock settings allow you to create a whitelist of ads you still want to see, to use filters, and customize the experience according to your liking. If you can’t be bothered to adjust the settings, you can just stick with the list provided by the extension.

undetectable ad block

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is available for desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari), and for Android and iOS devices too. This app is one of the oldest ad blockers and has been around since the beginning of the internet, but it’s still doing great.

What Adblock Plus can remove from your browsing are video pre-roll ads, pop-ups, banner ads, and it can take out social networking ads and malware disguised as ads. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to create a whitelist of websites that will still be able to display ads.

What you might not like about this blocker is that the app allows non-intrusive advertising, but you can turn off this feature in settings. Also, Adblock Plus was accused of making deals with certain companies and deliberately allowing some ads in exchange for money. Just something to consider before you opt for this blocker.


Another great ad-blocking extension available for Chrome, both on Windows and Android devices.

One of its best features is the fact that it can block ads in other programs and apps your computer or your phone use – not just the ones in your browser. Do you like to play games on your smartphone, but you’re annoyed by tons of ads popping up every five seconds? Adlock is the best fit for you, then, if you won’t find it in Play Store.

The app also stops videos from playing without your permission, blocks unsafe websites you try to visit, and speeds up your loading time, even though it’s running in the background the whole time.

This blocker isn’t free, but you can go through the two-week free trial to decide if it’s right for you.

uBlock Origin

This extension is a free ad blocker that’s been very successful in blocking all types of ads that might invade your browsing experience. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and doesn’t take up too much space.

It has a built-in list of advertising and malware, but you can also create your own lists in case you run into some new sources of irritating ads, or disable the blocker on a website you consider safe.

No matter how many filters you choose, don’t worry about the memory footprint, because it will still be low, and you’ll still be protected against spam, malware, ads, tracking, etc. However, selecting too many lists could lead to website breakage (but not necessarily), so choose wisely.

best undetectable ad block


Ghostery is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari users. It successfully blocks not only annoying ads you don’t want to see, but also social media trackers and analytical tools that collect info about you.

Recently, it has become available for mobile users – you can download the Ghostery Privacy Browser to your Android or iOS device.

Ghostery allows you to block not only specific sites, but also some specific ad types or trackers, because it shows you every little detail of the page you visit. It’s true that you may need some more time to set up all the features you want to use and choose what you want to block, but once your settings are done, you’ll see how enjoyable browsing with Ghostery can be.

Enhanced Browsing Experience

You won’t know how much better your browsing experience can be until you try one of these ad blockers. They all have similar features and great reviews from current users. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of the options.

Have you tried some of the presented ad blockers? Which one is your favorite? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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