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Best Ways to Repair a Scratched Smartphone Screen

Best Ways to Repair a Scratched Smartphone Screen


It’s common to have a few scratches on your smartphone screen since it’s carried around with you almost everywhere you go. It’s hard not to drop your smartphone to prevent a scratch on the screen. But also having it rub against items in your pocket like keys make it almost impossible not to have a scratch on your iPhone, Galaxy, BlackBerry or some other type of smartphone. It’s best to try to prevent damages to the screen because scratches devalues your smartphone when you go to sell your used cell phone for hundred of dollars. If you do have a scratched cell phone and you want to sell it, you do have some options. The following explains how to repair a scratched cell phone screen to restore usability.


How to repair your scratched smartphone screen

If you search on Google the best ways to repair your smartphone screen, you’ll find ways to do it yourself with items around the house. These include toothpaste, bananas, Vaseline and many other weird items. In most cases, non of these methods work and most of the time it can damage your smartphone even more.


The following are some real ways to protect or repair the screen of your smartphone:

Screen polish

A great scratched smartphone screen repair method is using screen polish. You can use items like PolyWatch and Displex can help buff out scratches and help return your smartphone to like-new condition. Reviews are mixed, however, and your success might be dependent on how deeply your screen is scratched.


Screen replacement

If you have a smartphone with a extreme scratches on the screen that any type of repair won’t help it, the best option would be to get a new screen. Many smartphone manufacturers and third-party repair centers offer cell phone screen replacement.

You can try to replace the screen on your own by ordering parts online, but without the right tools or experience this can be a difficult task. Also, repair it own your own will void the warranty.

For small scratches on your smartphone a screen replacement is not always the best option. The reason for this is because with the high costs and the time it takes for you to send in your smartphone to get it fixed, it may be better to sell the smartphone just the way it is.


Screen protector cover

If you get your screen replaced because of bad scratches to the screen, the following step would to get a screen protector cover. A new protective screen cover will help prevent any more scratches from happening in the future. Protective smartphone screen covers are inexpensive to purchase and simple to apply.


Selling your scratched cell phone

A final option is to sell your scratched smartphone and use the money toward the purchase of a new or used smartphone. There are a lot of companies are will buy your smartphone with a scratched screen or you can sell it on eBay or Craigslist. If you want to sell your phone:

  1.  Go to to compare offers from cell phone buyback vendors, and private party sales.
  2. Decide which method you’d like to use to sell your phone, then complete your transaction. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable vendor to ensure you’re properly compensated for your cell phone.




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