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How To Block Calls On OnePlus 5T

How To Block Calls On OnePlus 5T

If you own the OnePlus 5T, you’re probably tired of unwanted calls from telemarketers, spammers, and wrong numbers.  The good news that we have for you is that you can block certain numbers or unwelcome callers that you don’t want reaching you.
OnePlus called the call blocking feature “rejection,” so we’ll be adopting and using this term interchangeably and throughout this guide. In this article, we’ll explain how to block calls from an unknown caller on the OnePlus 5T.

How To Block Calls From Unknown Callers on OnePlus 5T

Blocking unknown callers on your OnePlus 5T is possible. Using the “Auto reject list” is the most effective way to block calls like this. Once you get to the “Auto reject list,” tap on block calls from “Unknown callers” on the OnePlus 5T. Just ON the toggle and you will stop receiving calls from caller you don’t have their number saved on your contact list.

How To Block Calls From Individual Caller

It’s possible to block contacts on OnePlus 5T if you don’t like getting calls from an old friend. It is done by turning on the smartphone and open the phone app, select the Call Log and select the number that you’d like to block. Select on “More” and finally select on “Add to auto the reject list.”

How To Block Calls or Contacts From The Auto-Reject List

Open the Phone app and in the top right-hand corner of the screen select on “More.” Select on “Settings” followed by clicking on “Call rejection.” Now tap “Auto reject list.” From there, type in the contact or number you want to block on OnePlus 5T.
You can also see people that you’ve previously blocked here as well. You’ll be able to block calls on OnePlus after you follow the steps above.

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Dec 11, 2017

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