Cannot Send Or Receive Pictures On Samsung Galaxy S9

Sending and receiving picture messages is one of the most fundamental things you can do on a mobile phone. If you owned the new Galaxy S9 and observed that not every picture sent to you is getting delivered, you’re not alone. Some users also report the same issue. Some complain that they can neither send nor receive pictures on their Galaxy S9.

In this article, we’ll explain what to do when you can’t send or receive pictorial messages on your Galaxy S9. Below are a couple of fixes you can try out to fix this issue.


  1. Switch off the smartphone and only power it back on after a couple of minutes
  2. Verify your network connection if you can’t still send or receive an MMS
  3. Try to check the Data Usage if the Service is OK
    • Check if there’s data limit set on your phone as that that might be blocking MMS delivery
    • You can also get in touch with your service provider to confirm if there’s any data stoppage on your account
  4. Check the selected Carrier – under More Networks from Settings; you have the Access Point Names and the Mobile Networks tab option – see what carrier you have chosen in there
  5. If you still can’t send or receive picture messages after connecting your device to the right Network and your mobile data and Internet connection are perfect; the last resort is to initiate a factory reset

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