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How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Serial Number

How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Serial Number

Your phone’s serial number is not something you normally worry about. That is until you need to have it, for when you have to get your Samsung Galaxy S10 serviced, for example.

Or, if technical support asks for the serial number when you’re trying to resolve an issue. If you’ve never had to look for your phone’s serial number before, it’s understandable that you may not know where to look.

Find out all about it here, including the IMEI number as well.

Locating the Serial Number on Your Galaxy S10

The serial number on your S10 has the specific purpose of being the identification number for your particular handset. The number has 11 characters in a combination of numbers and letters. All the information regarding your phone can be retrieved if the serial number is known (of course, only by those who have access to Samsung’s system).

According to the serial number, you can find out the factory in which your S10 was assembled. You can also learn the model and the year of the phone’s production and even the case’s color. There are two ways you can uncover your S10’s serial number.

S10 Serial Number

Option 1

Unlike some earlier Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the S10’s serial number can be found in the phone’s settings:

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll to the “About phone” option.
  3. The list of information will appear. Just under “Model number,” you’ll see “Serial number.”
  4. If necessary, tap on the number to copy it to the clipboard for pasting to another document.

Option 2

This method will work in most instances, but the likelihood of success will depend on whether your carrier supports this feature. All you need to do is to use the Samsung Galaxy dial code that works with most Galaxy smartphones:

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Enter “*#06#.”
  3. Press the dial icon.

Immediately you should be able to see two numbers. The first is the 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. The second, usually labeled just as “SN,” is the serial number.

Can You Find the Serial Number Inside the S10?

Some S10 users reasonably wonder if it’s possible to simply read the serial number on the phone’s case or under the battery.

That’s because many Samsung and Android smartphones had a serial number label attached in those locations. However, that’s not the case with the Galaxy S10.

The serial number is not physically recorded anywhere on the phone. In case you’re wondering, you won’t be able to find it on the box either.

Understanding IMEI

It’s easy to confuse the serial number and the IMEI code. They do have some similarities, but they are in fact different.

The serial number is assigned by Samsung to identify everything pertinent to a device as it leaves the factory, including tablets, smartphones, TVs – literally everything electronic and electrical and by all reputable manufacturers.

On the other hand, IMEI codes are only for communication devices. And it does so on an international level that has nothing to do with the manufacturers of devices, including Samsung.

Find S10 Serial Number

Can a Serial Number Be Faked?

The Samsung S10 is a popular phone and you may come across scammers trying to sell fake phones online. They might even show you the real IMEI numbers, which, unfortunately, can be faked.

In addition, the box and the phone could also look completely legit, and that can lead some consumers to believe that the phone is not fake.

But the one thing they can’t fake is the serial number. So, if you’re not sure about the authenticity of the device, ask the sellers to apply the dial code.

If the phone is fake, it will likely display something along the lines of “123456789ABCDE.” Also, if the price seems too good to be true for a Samsung Galaxy S10, then the phone is almost certainly fake.

Keeping Track of Your S10’s Serial Number

If you’ve always been loyal to the Samsung Galaxy, you probably know that the dial code is a quick way to learn about your phone’s serial number. But with the S10, you can also get that information in the Settings menu.

While it can be a bit confusing at first, the IMEI code is not the same as the serial number. The IMEI code can be manipulated, but not the serial number, which will always give you accurate information about your phone.

Have you ever had to look for your phone’s serial number? Let us know in the comments section below.

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