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How To Change Galaxy S9 Device Name

How To Change Galaxy S9 Device Name

Are you interested in learning a super-fast way to change the device name on your Galaxy S9? Then you are at the right place. When your device name is changed, it will reflect when connecting to other devices via Bluetooth, PC or via USB.

Samsung Galaxy devices afford users the ability to be creative with choosing or changing their device names as it can help when you are in crowded areas where you will definitely need unique names so your Galaxy S9 can be recognized.

The default Galaxy S9 device name can be confusing if you are in a group of smartphone users with the same type of phone so it is understandable to want to have a unique or distinct device name to help you pair with third-party accessories easily without mix-up.

The personalized name can be your nickname and accepts any characters, figures or alphabets to accommodate any creative names you want to come up with. With the steps listed below, you can quickly and easily change the device name on your Galaxy S9.

Follow the steps highlighted below to change the device name for your Galaxy S9

  1. Switch on your Galaxy S9
  2. Open your smartphone app menu
  3. Scroll to the Settings icon and click on it
  4. Tap on the ’’About phone’’ option
  5. The device name will appear at the very top of this page
  6. Tap EDIT right below the device name
  7. Enter the new name and hit Done

The steps mentioned above are guaranteed to help you change your device name successfully. The new device name will henceforth appear on future Bluetooth, PC and USB connections.

You can change the device name as many times as you wish by following the same steps.

The default device name is the same for all Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones so be sure to make yours as unique as can be.

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