How To Change Samsung Galaxy S9 Lockscreen and Wallpaper

The lock screen wallpaper is the default image you see every time you wake up the phone screen. This Wallpaper Screen is different from the Home Screen wallpaper and can have its own picture, which you can personalize in few seconds. Many people appreciate the possibility of getting to change this image and add something personal to them like a family picture, wallpaper, or even a beautiful landscape photographed.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy s9 and don’t know how to change the lock screen wallpaper, we got you covered. There are a few different ways to personalize the lock screen image or background wallpaper. This guide will show you two different methods on how to change the Samsung Galaxy S9 lock screen and wallpaper including using your own photos instead of relying on the Samsung theme store.

Method 1: How to Change Galaxy S9 Lock Screen Wallpaper

Personalizing the image for the Lock Screen will require accessing the Home screen. So, Starts from the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9:

  • Find a blank area on the screen
  • Tap and hold the field until the screen zooms out
  • It will zoom out into a new, customize mode
  • You will see different options listed at the bottom of the screen
    • Rearrange the icons
    • Customize the wallpaper
  • Select the Wallpapers symbol from the bottom left
  • You’ll see a list of pre-installed background wallpapers available
  • If you don’t like any of the images, use the gallery view options. You can browse images stored on your device. These can include photos from your camera, downloaded images, or custom wallpapers from an app like Zedge
  • Tap the button labeled Set Wallpaper when you’ve decided on an image
  • The new wallpaper should be active immediately after you leave the menu

Method 2: How to Change Galaxy S9 Plus Lock Screen & Wallpaper


As we stated above, the Lock Screen wallpaper is different from the Home Screen. Again, you will have to:


  • Begin from the same Home screen
  • Find an empty spot and long press on it
  • Select the Wallpapers option again
  • Click on the Home Screen label from the top-left area of the screen
  • You should see a menu with options for Home, Lock or both of them
  • Select the Lock Screen entry
  • Follow the prompts and browse for a photo stored on your Galaxy S9 or select from a pre-installed image
  • Click on the Set Wallpaper button when you have found the right picture
  • Leave the menus, and that was all

Using a third-party app dedicated to offering you collections of popular wallpapers that you can try is also an alternative method to set up a custom Lock Screen wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S9. Zedge is one of those third-party apps that we suggest you can use to set up new lock screen wallpaper for your Samsung Galaxy S9.

This third-party app would be the third alternative in our article. If you’re curious about it, go ahead and download this app. There are also plenty of other third-party apps waiting for you to download them from the Google Play Store. We believe you now know the best options and you can choose accordingly.

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