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How to Check your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook’s Battery Health

How to Check your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook's Battery Health

Nothing stays forever, that includes your Macbook, iPhone, iPad’s battery health. In some way or another, the tip-top shape of it shall reduce as time passes by. To be able to inspect the current status of it, then proceed with the guide we’ve catered in this guide.

Have you had an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook for a few years and feel like your battery doesn’t hold the same amount of juice as it used to? That’s because it doesn’t. The lithium-ion batteries that power your devices deteriorate over time, meaning the battery can’t charge to its full capacity.

Batteries are the main source of power every Apple devices requires in order to operate. Without it, how are you able to send an Animoji with to your friend with your iPhone X? Or watch your favorite HD videos on Youtube on your iPad? Or edit those recently captured photos on your MacBook? That’s why it’s a great thing to have your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad’s battery always in its top shape.

Yet, as the introduction implies, nothing stays forever. And the thing you once thought that’s unbreakable, unshakable, and able to withstand anything that you faced it with, can reduce its value as time passes by. We’re talking about your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad’s battery here.

Do you currently have a MacBook, iPhone, or iPad that’s already been with you for a few years now? Then you must have felt that it doesn’t last long anymore, usage-wise. It somehow feels like your battery doesn’t contain the same amount of juice it has when you first bought it, right? It’s because, in reality, it doesn’t have it anymore. The batteries that your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad is utilizing, the Lithium-ion batteries, are deteriorating as time passes by, which means that it cannot charge itself anymore to its once full capability.

If you’re currently feeling that the battery you once loved lost its touch and dies more quickly than it used to be, and want to be certain about it, then you can try these steps we’ll be catering down below.

Steps in Checking the Battery Health of your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad

Being the owner, it’s important to know the current status of your Battery. It should help you determine the next step you should do in order to fix any quick-battery drain issues on your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad.

Monitor Battery Settings on your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad

The fastest and simplest method to monitor your battery’s current status is by heading directly to Settings > Battery on any of the said devices. While this shall not provide you any special details, it shall, in a sense, notify you if your battery requires being repaired.

Now, if you don’t see any warning or notifications, it solely means your battery is A-okay.

Inspect your Battery’s Health with the Console App on iOs

You’re able to obtain some more information about your iPad, iPhone, or Macbooks battery current status by utilizing the Console app that comes pre-installed on all Macs.

What you need to do is open the Console app, sync your iPhone your Mac via a Lightning cable, then input battery health in the search field (if ever that search doesn’t yield any result, open your iPhone).

Once it’s done, you will see a bit more details about the current status of your battery. If your device is healthy, you will see that the health status of your battery is rated Good. The app will also provide you more details of limited importance, like current battery level, the power source being utilized, and so much more.

For most of the users, being able to know that their battery is in an okay situation is most likely the extent of the information they still want to obtain.

If You’re Aiming for More Battery Health Details, use coconutBattery

Now, if you think your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad’s battery is draining faster than it was supposed to be, and you want to be sure about it, then there’s a solid application you can install on your Mac that shall show you the full status of it. Namely, coconutBattery and here’s how to utilize it.

The whole method of utilizing coconutBattery is very outspoken. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the app on your Mac. Next, you’ll need to sync your iPad or iPhone to your Mac — if you haven’t performed so then you’ll need to enable your iPad or iPhone “trust” your Mac. Finally, you just need to begin coconutBattery and a surplus of data will be at your end.

Now when it comes to your MacBook’s battery status, it’s much simpler. All you have to do is open the application and it will be fed on your screen at that exact moment.

Limitations of coconutBattery

Though we can say that this app is super helpful, it too, just like the others on top, has its limits. It indicates that this application shall only give you accurate data until you restore your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad. If your phone was never restored in some sort, then you’ll be fed with the most accurate readings possible. Yet, if you try using the application for older models that were restored in the past and observed that the full cycle counts and charge capacity were off the chart, recommending the restore process in a way restarts the data the app can solely access to.

Nevertheless, it appears that if your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad was never restored, that information is reasonably detailed and pictures a great understanding of the current shape of your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad.

In addition, most users apparently don’t displace their iPads every year, so coconutBattery can certainly support you in determining if your iPad battery is up for replacement or not.

The Sure-Bet Way in Battery Testing

The sure-bet method to have a full and detailed status report of your battery is to reach Apple and have them work a diagnostic instantly on your device. You can do so by getting an appointment at an Apple Store, or by becoming in touch with Apple’s online Support.

Upon your negotiation, they will be capable to remotely operate a diagnostic on your device and have a sharp representation of the battery status. This is apparently the sure-bet method to identify what is progressing on your battery if you’re owning problems with it.

Working these inspections on new devices is slightly fruitless, but it can show to be effective if you are discerning depraved performances on your former devices. If that’s the situation, work some or all of these inspections to get a solid sense of what’s going on.

Do you have any questions?

Your battery is the life of your Apple devices. Without it, then how are you able to run it then? So in a sense, be keen on how you use it and take care of it before it becomes depleted. And if you’re feeling that it’s gradually becoming faster to be drained, then it’s the best to perform the steps we catered above. If you have any more questions about the topic, don’t hesitate to message us and we would love to hear your thoughts about this one!

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