How To Customize The Lock Screen Of Galaxy S9

In today’s world, smartphones have become an extension of our everyday life and identity. Having phones that can speak for who you are and what you are attracted to allows us to create that unique, personalized look for our own gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy S9 allows complete customization for your gear so that you can further extend your personality to your Samsung gadget. One of the many options in personalizing your phone is changing its Lock Screen. If you’re looking to spicing up your phone’s look, this is the first thing that you will have to change.

One of the famous Lock Screen changers is Samsung’s very own Good Lock app. This app allows users to alter how they view their screens and notifications. However, in this article, we’ll show you how you can customize your phone without the apps. There are many tricks that you have to write in between your hands.

Specifically, we’ll tackle three vital features which you can personalize on the Lock Screen:

  1. The application shortcuts
  2. The custom screen messages
  3. The personalized wallpaper

How to Customize Lock Screen App Shortcuts

Your Samsung device is accompanied with some pre-installed shortcuts on your Lock Screen. To change these choices, you have to:

  1. Go to your Home Screen
  2. Launch your Notification bar by swiping downwards from the tap
  3. Find and tap the Settings gear in the upper right corner
  4. Select the Lock Screen and Security option
  5. Find and enter Info and App Shortcuts
  6. Select App Shortcuts
  7. From there, tap on all the apps you want to be available on your Lock Screen

How to Create Your Own Custom Lock Screen Message

If you check out the widgets that you can add to your Lock screen, you’ll see that there’s a field called “Owner Information”.

This text can be whatever you want it to. Some use it to provide contact details just in case the phone gets lost, while some use it as a reminder for a daily mantra. No matter how you’re planning to use this, the steps of getting one just easy. All you have to do is follow all the steps above. Under the Info and Apps menu, you may also provide any message that you want to appear on your Lock Screen.

How to Set a New Wallpaper for the Lock Screen

You actually have two different screens – the Home Screen and the Lock Screen. Your wallpaper for the Home Screen doesn’t have to be the same with your wallpaper for the Lock Screen. Here, you can fully customize your phone according to your personality.

First, look for a neat wallpaper that will suit your needs and style. You can use a personal picture, or you can download wallpapers from third-party applications.

You can do this by, again, following the steps above, or by going to your Gallery, selecting the photo, and then tapping the Menu icon found in the upper right corner of your screen. Here, you’ll find a Set as Wallpaper option.

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