How To Delete Apps On Galaxy S9

Your new Samsung Galaxy S9 has a lot of great features. As one of Samsung’s newest phone models, it showcases great applications and hardware specs. One of the best things about Android phones is the level of customization on each phone. It allows the user to tweak with different settings and change the default ones. It grants the user access to add and delete apps and customize them.

There are different reasons why you may want to delete apps on your Galaxy S9. The app may be outdated or buggy, or you just need the internal storage on your phone. It may also be that you just don’t need to use the app anymore. No matter your reason, you may delete apps easily on your Galaxy S9.

Uninstalling unwanted apps can give your smartphone enough space and let it perform faster than before. It also allows easier multitasking since it is not loaded with unwanted apps.

Steps How to Delete The Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Follow the steps below to delete an app from your phone:

  1. Turn On your device
  2. Select the App found at the bottom of your Home Screen
  3. Select the Apps which you wanted to uninstall
  4. Tap and hold the specific App
  5. Once you selected the app, a grid of icons will shrink and some options will show on the top of your screen
  6. Drag the app to the Uninstall button found on the top and let go
  7. Then Select the Uninstall to totally delete the app

Once you have done these steps, your Samsung Galaxy S9 is now ready to install another app you want. You can choose as many apps as you can as long as your space can still accommodate the specific amount of space needed on your memory.


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