How To Disable TouchWiz On Galaxy S9

TouchWiz is placed over the Android system on the Galaxy S9 for customization purposes, and sometimes it is understood as the Android skin. It is a beautiful feature, but we’d like to show you how to control the TouchWiz a little bit because sometimes, some user may want to use the Galaxy Android instead of the TouchWiz.

In this tutorial, we’ll like to help you reduce the TouchWiz influence to a minimum so that it can have little interaction with all the bloatware from your device – the preinstalled apps as well as making your Samsung Galaxy S9 feel more like a Google Nexus. The list above is possible, but the ultimate solution would involve rooting the device and flashing a custom ROM.

The Four Primary Options for Getting Rid of TouchWiz


  1. Initiate a factory reset and rejects any Samsung updates recommended during the process
  2. Launch the Application Manager and clear the data and the cache of all the preinstalled Samsung apps, including S Planner
  3. Install the Google Now Launcher through the Google Play Store
  4. Root the smartphone, create a custom recovery, and flash a new ROM for it


Introduction to Google Now Launcher

The first three options as mentioned above are easy to moderate. The best you can do without having to root your Galaxy S9 is to install the Google Now Launcher. Here is what you need to know.

Google Now Launcher allows you to personalize the Home screen of your Android. This replacement is a good option since this is one of the primary objectives of TouchWiz.

You will notice few more launchers like Nova Launcher, Aviate, Action Launcher, or Apex Launcher when you surf for Google Now Launcher within the Play Store. Google Now Launcher is free but not all suggestions there are free.

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