Is Disney Plus on Apple TV?

Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus are the main competitors on the upcoming streaming services market. They’ve been designated as “Netflix killers” and are likely going to turn out quite the challenge for the most popular streaming service in the world today. Disney owns many, many companies worldwide, while Apple generates popularity from customer loyalty.

The Disney Plus service is finally online, and does offer a list of compatible devices. Although it isn’t too extensive, we’ve yet to see the true power of Disney streaming.

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!

How to Add Disney Plus to Your Apple TV

To install Disney Plus on your Apple TV, head into the App Store on your device and search for Disney Plus. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Disney Plus launches right from the App Store. You’ll need to make sure you sign up for your account first, so to get your favorite Disney movies and shows, start your free trial of Disney Plus today right here!

Disney Plus vs. Apple TV Plus

Both of these services are looking to offer fantastic and original content. Ultimately, the goal is to come up with the prices that will simply take Amazon Prime, Netflix, and even Hulu (which is incredibly cheap at the moment) out of the picture. However, neither Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus have announced ubiquitous content. Netflix still remains the closest service to this, offering whopping amounts of content.

disney plus on apple tv

Bundles and Deals

This is where the ball lands firmly in Disney Plus’ court. Seeing as how Disney is one of the largest corporations on the planet, it owns a huge number of companies. For instance, Hulu is one of them. This allows Disney Plus to thrive over Apple TV Plus, as it enables the former to offer various bundles, packages, and deals.


For instance, Disney Plus can offer a bundle that combines ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney Plus, at a cheap price of $12.99 per month. As a matter of fact, this bundle will be available on Disney Plus’ November 12 launch.

However, Apple TV Plus will cost $4.99 on a monthly basis on their November 1 launch, while the monthly cost of Disney Plus is set to $6.99. Another huge benefit for Apple TV Plus is that the Apple trademark evokes customer loyalty. Mac, iPhone, iPad, even iPod users will most likely rather flock to the upcoming Apple’s streaming service, while Disney Plus will struggle to inspire.


You’d think that platform availability wouldn’t be an issue this day and age. Well, although you can call it that, this is more of a ‘weapon choice’ than an ‘issue’ thing. Every streaming service gets to decide which platforms it will be available on. Of course, this takes investment and, most importantly, thorough planning. Some of the compatible devices for the two services overlap, while others absolutely don’t.

Apple Devices

Naturally, Apple TV Plus will be available on all compatible Apple devices. Every iOS and Mac, as well as the Apple TV box, will get a dedicated app for Apple TV Plus. This really is a no-brainer. However, even though Disney and Apple are competitors, Disney Plus will be available on all Apple devices, too. This means every iOS device, every Mac device, as well as the Apple TV.

apple tv

Web Browsers

Both streaming services will be reachable through all mainstream browser apps. Web browsers are really no-brainers too, especially when it comes to compatibility – everyone uses these apps and they bring widespread accessibility to the table. Therefore, you’ll be able to access both Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus from any device that has a mainstream web browser installed on it.

Smart TVs

This is where Apple TV Plus flourishes. Disney Plus isn’t going to be compatible with any mainstream smart TV device. Yes, this means no Disney Plus for LG, Samsung, Spectre, Sony, Vizio, etc. On the other hand, Apple TV Plus will be available on newer Samsung smart TV models. Additionally, Apple claims that they are planning on releasing compatible app versions for Sony, LG, as well as for Vizio smart TV devices.

Gaming Platforms

Alternatively, this is where Disney Plus comes out victorious. Although it has been known that the Disney Plus app will be released on PlayStation 4 devices for a month now, it has recently been announced that it is also coming out on Xbox One devices on the November 12 release. On the other hand, Apple hasn’t indicated that its streaming service will support any of the gaming consoles at any point.

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Streaming Devices

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus are both available on platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, so no matter where you get your streaming media, you’ll be set to watch shows like The Mandalorian or The Morning Show.

Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus

With Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus both now available, these two streaming services are obviously quite the competitors. This becomes even more obvious when you dig a bit deeper into the platform availability choices that the two have made. Disney Plus has the size of its parent company on its side, while Apple TV Plus has customer loyalty and popularity.

Which service are you going to choose? Why? What do you like about each of the two? Feel free to discuss this in the comments section below.

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