How to Make an Echo Show Play Music as Alarm

For most people, waking up is the hardest part of the morning. If you’re not someone who can easily jump out of bed, you probably need some motivation. And is there any better motivation than your favorite song?

With Amazon Echo Show (and other Amazon Echo devices) you can set the alarm to play music. Of course, you’ll be using Amazon’s trusty assistant, Alexa. Forget about waking up to horrific sounds of alarm clocks, they’re a thing of the past.

The future offers us a more enjoyable, relaxing way of waking up. Read on for more information.

The Difference Between Amazon Echo Devices

Which Amazon Echo device do you have? The Amazon Echo Spot is the smallest of the bunch. But with its tiny display, it’s also the easiest to fit on any surface. In comparison, the Amazon Echo Show has a 10-inch display, making it the largest among its brethren.

echo show

The advantages it brings to the table are better visibility and better sound, thanks to its powerful speakers. The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch display, so it’s more compact than the original Echo Show, with the display cut (nearly) in half.

The Echo Show 5 has a single smaller speaker, but it’s still quite powerful. Echo Dot is the smallest available. Each of these devices is very practical and has its own advantages. You can place any of them on your nightstand, shelf, or any other furniture you have close to your bed.

Echo Show Alarm

Any of the Echo devices can be used as an alarm clock, but Echo Show definitely has the best speakers of them all, meaning it’s best for listening to music or even waking up to it.

Yes, all of these devices can wake you up to music by using Alexa. Therefore, even if you have Amazon devices other than the Echo Show, you should keep reading to get the alarm music instructions.

How to Make an Echo Show Alarm Play Music

The Amazon Echo Show has some pretty cool built-in alarm sounds featuring music from popular TV shows and movies. You can set up an alarm with the Sponge Bob theme for the kids, or even yourself – no one’s judging you here!

The original alarm sounds for Echo Show are quite cool, but nothing’s better than waking up to music of your choice. Alexa can wake you up to a radio station, or even a news service. Just say “Alexa, wake me up to (station or service name) at (the time you want to wake up)”.

Setting up a regular alarm with Alexa is simple: “Alexa set an alarm for (time of your choosing)”. If you want the Echo Show to stop blasting the alarm, simply say: “Alexa turn off” or “Alexa snooze”. This will give you some more time to sleep in.

Finally, Alexa can wake you up with music from the streaming services of your choice, including Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, and many others. You can say “Alexa, set music alarm for 6 AM”.

If you don’t trust Alexa’s song choice, you can say: “Alexa, set music alarm to Hold the Line by Toto for 6 AM”. This is just an example; you can ask for any band or song. If you like all of your favorite band’s songs, say: “Alexa set music alarm to Linkin Park for 7 AM”.

You can even set up multiple music alarms if you don’t trust yourself waking up straight away. You can also set a music alarm for every day of the week, which is very practical if you work the same shift on every workday.

To do so, say: “Alexa, set a music alarm for 7 AM to Dizzee Rascal on every weekday”. You can also set an alarm for the weekends too. Lastly, you can always check your alarms by saying: “Alexa, what are my alarms?”

Don’t Stop the Music

You’ll all set. From now on, you’ll never be late for work again, thanks to the Echo Show music alarm. Waking up will be that much easier, and you can always mix it up if a song gets too repetitive or annoying. We know what it’s like when you start hating your favorite song because it’s woken you up far too many times! A final tip to you, besides the alarm music, you can also play bedtime music.

Say: “Alexa, play bedtime music” when you tuck yourself in. Then say: “Alexa, turn the music off in 20 minutes”, so it doesn’t keep you awake. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section below.

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