Essential PH1: How To Block Calls And Texts

Essential PH1 provides you with a great many ways of protecting yourself against unnecessary interruptions from specific callers. One of these ways is by giving you the option to block certain callers on your Essential PH1. The best part is that you can even block iIf you own a Essential PH1, you may want to know how to incoming text messages which means that there is possibly no way that a person you are trying to avoid is going to reach you over the phone.

You may have your own personal reasons as to why you want someone blocked but regardless of your reasons, we are here to show you how you can successfully block calls & text messages on your Essential PH1. This will also help you get rid of spammers and telemarketers.

Different smartphone brands have different ways of referring to the call blocking and on Essential PH1, you will find the featured referred to as call rejection. For the purpose of this guide, we shall be using the two terminologies, that is; call blocking and rejection interchangeably.

How To Use Auto-Reject 

The quickest method of blocking calls is through the dialer. From here, you can select More and then go to Settings. In the list displayed, you should see call rejection as the 2nd item.

Select this item and once you get there, tap on Auto Reject List.

In the Auto Reject page, you should enter the contact number of the individual you would like to block on your Essential PH1. The auto reject list will also contain the numbers of all persons you blocked previously. Therefore, while at it, you can also remove specific contacts from the call rejection list.

How To Block Callers Individually

There is also a way to block individual caller on your Essential PH1 through the Phone Application as well. How this works is by going to your Call Log and choose the number you want blocked. Once again select More from the top right corner and tap to Add to Auto-Reject List.

How To Block Unknown Calls

If you do own a smartphone, you will agree with me that the most annoying thing is getting a call from an unknown caller on your Essential PH1. The Auto Reject List must once again come to your rescue since it is one of the sure ways of dealing with such callers.

By now you probably know how to get to the Auto Reject List, therefore once you get there, simply tap on the choice to reject unknown calls by toggling the switch on. From this moment henceforth, you shouldn’t be bothered by unknown callers anymore.

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