Touch Screen Unresponsive On Essential PH1 (Solved)

How will you feel if you urgently need to fix your Essential PH1 smartphone only to realize that the touchscreen has become unresponsive? It must be a very frustrating experience I would imagine but the good news is that this is only a temporary setback which can be fixed quite easily. We suggest doing a few tests before you rush off to buy a replacement for your screen because you might be surprised that other issues could be responsible for the problem besides your screen.

By using the service menu, you can fix the unresponsive spots without having to purchase a new screen. The guide below provides a stepwise procedure on how to fix an unresponsive Essential PH1 touch screen.

How To Fix Touch screen Unresponsive on PH1

  • Switch on your Essential PH1
  • Head to your home screen and tap on the Phone app
  • Now type in the following service code “*#0*#”
  • You’ll see a pattern of X shaped tiles
  • Proceed to paint everything then the test is successful and your touch screen is working properly

However, if you’re unable to paint all the tiles, your screen may be in need of a replacement. If you still have your Essential warranty then you won’t incur any costs to get a replacement.

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