How To Fix “No Service” On Galaxy S9

There are some issues, which are common on all the smartphones and one of these issues is known as “No Service.” If you own the new Samsung Galaxy S9, you may encounter the no service error on your smartphone. The message is clear, as long as the device has no service, you won’t be able to make or receive any phone calls or text messages and browse the Internet. In fact, emergency calls will be your only option. This post is a simple solution to solving the No Service error on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In our experience, Samsung Galaxy S9 users complain about this particular problem and describe it in different ways, like:

  • I cannot make calls or text
  • No network connection available
  • I have no service on my Samsung Galaxy S9
  • I am seeing the “Emergency calls only” message
  • No signal bars display at the top of the phone screen etc.

Follow these steps to fix the issues we highlighted above:

  • Switch off your phone to give it a break, leave for a couple of minutes and switch on the phone back again.
  • Reset the network settings under Backup to fix the no service issue. This process implies retyping the Wifi password, as the device will forget the previous settings after resetting the network settings.
  • Go to settings and change your network mode to “Mobile Networks” then select the option labeled as WCDMA/GSM (auto connect).
  • Navigate to Mobile Networks >> Network operators >> Search networks to initiate a network scan and wait for it to finish the scan, then select your Carrier from the returned results.
  • If you couldn’t get any network results at the previous scan, then check your SIM, you will have to change your SIM or at least reach out to your Carrier and ask for verification to confirm that the SIM is activated if you can see the network when inserting a different SIM card.
  • If nothing you did so far help you to overcome the Galaxy S9 no service problem and your SIM works perfectly fine on another device, then perform a factory reset.
  • A null or unknown IMEI number most likely causes the “No Service” error if it’s not the Radio signal and it’s not the SIM card to blame, read this article about Restoring Null IMEI Number And Fixing Not Registered Network to keep it short and simple.

It looks like your Samsung Galaxy S9 requires a replacement if none of the above solution work to fix the problem.

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