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Can fuboTV Be Trusted?

Can fuboTV Be Trusted?

FuboTV began as a soccer-oriented streaming service in 2015. It has since grown to become one of the most popular streaming options for households with its additions of various sports and news coverage, as well as popular family-oriented channels.

But is fuboTV all that it advertises itself to be? We’re taking a more in-depth look at all that fuboTV has to offer, to let you know whether you should use it or not.

What Is fuboTV?

FuboTV is primarily a sports-oriented streaming service. It boasts about containing some of the most popular sports channels available, all in 4K HD. The main draw fuboTV has is its customization options that favor sports fans, as its navigation screen focuses on particular sports, teams, or leagues to watch. This can be a great benefit if you’re a sports fanatic cheering for your favorite team.

FuboTV also has a robust channel list that covers some of the most popular news and family networks. While primarily geared to sports fans, it still has decent options for the entire family.

With its newly acquired ESPN network channel list, fuboTV continues to improve its selection of sports channels. However, that can come as a cost to other fans. For example, fuboTV stopped streaming Turner channels in July 2020, but has added some Disney channels as a replacement in August of this year.

You can best consider fuboTV as a replacement for cable TV. With recent hikes in costs across most streaming services and cable TV, it can be significantly cheaper to stream your favorite shows month in and out, instead of relying on year-long contracts with your local cable TV provider.

fuboTV Be Trusted

FuboTV Free Trial

The first option when you begin your fuboTV journey is its free trial. FuboTV offers a seven day free trial to subscribe to their service. Do note that you must create an account with them on their official website, to be eligible for this trial and to be able to cancel it later.

On the sixth day, you can cancel the free trial if fuboTV is not to your liking, so the trial is a great way to take a chance with a new streaming service to enjoy.

Some users have reported not receiving their free trial when using fuboTV through Amazon, so make sure to follow the official pages for directions on how to set up your account properly. Once you do this, you shouldn’t experience any account issues, should you want to cancel before a paid subscription would take place.

Streaming Quality

While fuboTV offers 4K quality on their sports streams for NFL and NCAA games, most other channels are limited to 720p HD. This might not seem like a big deal to sports fans, but can be a deal-breaker for the rest of your family if they prefer family-oriented networks.

FuboTV also has some limitations to regional streams. If you want to watch local events, you’re mostly limited to your own region’s teams and leagues, and only events that are on local channels. However, fuboTV does have a great selection of national sports coverage for bigger events and teams. If you travel, you will still be able to watch your local teams from your new location, unless you move entirely and change the location in your account info.

Do note that you need a decent quality connection to stream without buffering or interruptions. We’ve found that 10 Mbits/s can be enough for lower quality streams, but will usually work with higher quality as well. Don’t use cellular networks for streaming TV channels, as you’ll quickly eat through your data plan.

Family Options

If you’re subscribing to fuboTV for your family’s needs, there’s a few neat additions. With the Standard package, fuboTV offers two simultaneous streams, which is on par with most other streaming services. You can increase that count to three streams if you purchase their Family plan, which also offers some additional channels and increased cloud DVR storage.

Speaking of DVR storage, the Standard plan restricts it to 30 hours, with more hours (up to 500) available with other package options. The DVR storage is generally easy to navigate and go through, and you don’t have to watch the commercial breaks on your recordings.


Generally, fuboTV is similar in price to other major streaming services. The Standard package costs $59.99 per month, which is slightly lower than Youtube TV’s $64.99 price point. However, Hulu’s Live TV costs $54.99 per month.

FuboTV also offers a family-oriented Family package for $64.99 a month, and has an Elite plan for $79.99 for hardcore sports fans that includes about 160 channels in total.

For comparison points, the Standard fuboTV package comes with 110 channels, while Youtube TV has a selection of 90 channels available. Hulu Live TV is even worse at 70 channels, but has a focus on family channels and TV shows instead.

Overall, if you’re a sports fan, fuboTV’s excellent channel selection catering for sports will be precisely what you need. However, it’s not the best option for the entire family, as it has only a small offering of entertainment and family channels, as well as a poor selection of TV shows and movies to stream.


FuboTV is available on a wide variety of devices, including:

  • Web browsers on the PC and Mac
  • iPhones and iPads
  • FireTV
  • RokuTV
  • Samsung Smart TV devices (2015 and newer models)
  • AppleTV (4th generation and up)
  • Xbox One, One S, and One X

With all this in mind, fuboTV can be easy to install on your device. Do note that the service is primarily for US customers, although there are limited options for Canada and Mexico residents.

fuboTV Trusted

Final Verdict

FuboTV is one of the best solutions for streaming sports channels to the hardcore fans of local and national teams. It also has a robust selection of news and entertainment channels for the entire family and allows the whole family to enjoy TV on demand. However, if you’re more into movies and TV shows, we recommend you look elsewhere, as fuboTV’s lower stream quality will impede the enjoyment of films significantly.

Will you subscribe to fuboTV? Let us know in the comment section below.

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